Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"The long experiment with professional politicians and professional government is over, and it failed." ~ Newt Gingrich

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday, February 1, 2017. Wednesday is still mid-week service time for us. After enjoying a time of fellowship and food at the weekly pot-luck supper, we adjourn to our classes. The class I teach on Wednesday is somewhat of a throwback. We have a time of singing from the hymnal, (that's a book with songs in it), after that, we spend time talking about those in need of prayer. We then pray over all the requests that were made. Finally, we turn our attention to God's Book and share the truth that He has given to us. Some think us to be old fashioned, out of tune with the times and perhaps living in the past. However, when we meet, we almost always leave being encouraged by the faith handed down to us by those who went before us. We are aware that other folks do it differently. That's perfectly fine with us. I can't remember hearing any of our crew saying anything negative about the way others handle their services. We actually have younger folks that also join us when they can. They seem to enjoy our time together. I say Amen to that.

The new President is making a lot of folks unhappy in his first few days. I can't remember in my lifetime any elected leader of our nation who has been under more assault since day one. Interestingly enough, when confronted with a particular action taken by the previous President which was almost identical to the one now being loudly protested, one sign carrier summed it up pretty good, "The reason she didn't protest the previous President is because she loved him." Bingo! The previous administration deported 3.5 million illegals. No protests. The current team puts into practice a tightening of our vetting procedures for those coming from known terrorist countries and the crazies go even crazier. There's no fact versus fiction addressed by the mainstream media, just the hyping of their own biases against the new administration. Sadly, they have control of the 24-hour airwaves and as proven time and time again, they typically will end up fixing their point of view in the minds of most of our fellow citizens. On an even sadder note, the Congress, on both sides of the aisle are focused more on public opinion and their next reelection than they are on doing what is best for our nation. There you have it. Another of my drive-by political commentaries. You are entitled to drive-by with your own assessment. Last time I checked, we could still do that.

You didn't expect me to see all of this going on and not even offer up some perspective, did you? For those of us who watch elected people who call themselves conservatives wobble and wilt in the midst of the media attacks, well, it makes me ashamed and also sick to my stomach. But, then again, I have strong feelings about these kinds of things. But you knew that. Right? The coffee thing always gives it away. I'll move on because I know many who would prefer not to deal with depressing things like current news events. I often feel the same way, but, I guess I have more trouble hiding from it all. That could be a result of the 65 news feeds I follow on Twitter. Sorry. That most likely explains a lot. I can look away and when I look back there are 40 new postings from those news sources. I suppose that's why I had just as soon watch reruns of the Andy Griffith Show, NCIS, or COPS, when I get home each evening. I've typically had about all of the other stuff that I can handle. There is good news in all of this. As soon as I discover what it is I will let you know. Joking only. The good news is how that the 'all things' mentioned by the Apostle Paul in Romans 8, Verse 28, is still at work, no matter what, period, end of the discussion, you can count on it, because you have God's word on it. This verse says all of everything, good, bad, or indifferent, is working for the ultimate good of those who are connected to God. That's a good thought to leave off with for today. Be sure to join me next time where we will be dealing with whatever bubbles up. Until then, may God help us all is my prayer. Amen. ...More later.

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