Friday, February 17, 2017

God is good all the time. All the time God is good. And, yes, thank God it's Friday!

Remember when I said I couldn't come up with any complaints to share with my doctor, well, I was wondering if I could get a second opinion on that one. I'm just having a little fun this morning on this Friday, February 17, 2017. The wife likes to talk about how easily I fall asleep. I cannot deny that I sleep well, and, based on the many I know who have trouble sleeping, I give God the glory for the rest I am able to get. There are times, however, when I even scare myself. The other day I came into work and got ready for the day. I left before most of the crew got here to go for my doctor's visit. Traffic in and around our area is nothing short of nightmarish these days. Travel, doctor, lab, stopping for a chicken biscuit and coffee, all of that used up nearly 3 hours for the roundtrip. Finished out the day, hurried home and got ready for Wednesday evening services at our local fellowship. Had a great time at the pot luck supper, led thirty minutes of singing, shared in praying for special needs, and then studied God's Word with these brothers and sisters who are so precious to us. Finished up, came home, took my medicine, sat in the recliner and watched an episode of Duck Dynasty. Switched to a rerun of NCIS and the next thing I knew it was after 9 p.m., the TV was turned off, and I had no clue as to where I was. Went to bed. Went to sleep. I've read about the deep sleep stuff. The rapid eye movement phase, etc. All I can say is whatever sleep cycle I was in, I did not pass go and I did not collect $200. When I woke up early Thursday morning I knew I had been on a long journey somewhere but I have no recollection whatsoever of what happened after my head hit my pillow. That's even abnormal for me, but, I rather think I must have needed it, so, I thank God for its invigorating and refreshing influence in my life.

Speaking about that subject, may I just say how concerned I am for our younger generations that have serious sleeping issues. I hear about it all the time. They come to work sleep deprived. Little kids also experience bouts of sleeplessness. Let me state the obvious. That's not healthy, period. Some of it has to do with the electronic gadgets of every description that demand the time and attention of their users. Some of it has to do with the intensity of the games or the shows people watch before their bedtime. I heard one fellow the other day say he knew the pep pills he was taking to keep him alert during the day was likely causing him not to be able to sleep. However, to him, it was a dead end street, because, he couldn't see himself being able to function without them even if they deprived him of the rest he needs at night. Other issues come from medical conditions. Some have chronic pain. Have I ever been in that kind of situation? Throughout my sojourn, most of the time when I couldn't sleep, it had to do with being tied in knots about a family issue, a work situation, or when God was trying to get my attention. Hey, He can do what He knows is best and that includes keeping me awake to hear what He has to say. To be honest, I hear so much about these sleeping problems, I try not to alter my schedule much at all since it is working so well for me. When I offer my schedule as a potential way of helping others, you guessed it, I am typically laughed off the stage. Sorry. That's about all I have to recommend.

You noticed? You are right. I did not mention the use of coffee as a potential cause of sleeplessness. Let me be clear here. There is room for advice and consultation but I consider the coffee discussion to be meddling. You know. Like the preacher says, "I can tell from your reaction that I've moved from preaching to meddling." I'll leave the coffee subject to the discretion of the consumer, although I have been called a Community Coffee evangelist before. And, if you are in the market for a good Louisiana coffee product, well, try it, you'll like it. That one has been used before? I thought for a minute maybe I had come up with something. Lord willing, tomorrow we will be making a one-day turnaround trip over to Louisiana to see mom and dad. Mom has been through a lot over the past six weeks, but, God has been there with her. I am so thankful our sister JoAnn has been able to come and stay to help dad with mom. She has been a HUGE blessing to us all. I do hope you have enjoyed a good work week. Now it is on to Saturday and then the special time of celebration on Lord's Day Sunday. I do hope everyone remembers to thank God for the life He has provided. See you next time and may God bless us all. Amen. ....More later.

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