Thursday, February 23, 2017

I'm not even sure if I am ready for today's edition.

I think I hear my song playing.
What a week! And, it's only Thursday. This one claims the block on the calendar marked February 23, 2017. I started off the week as Paw Paw Mac might have said, "All laid up like a bunch of dogs, (Sick on Sunday)." I had to deal with a huge rain storm on Monday which I did have to be out and about in it. On Tuesday we prayed fervently for our mom as she saw the ortho doctor. God was good and she received a good report. However, the prognosis continues to be long, maybe as much as 4-6 more months before complete healing. That's way too long for her but we do thank God for His answering our prayers. On Wednesday I was pretty busy with work. (I think that's how it is supposed to be.) And, we had our mid-week services Wednesday evening. That brings me to today where I've adopted a wait and see for whatever happens next attitude, or something like that. Oh yeah, the wife is leaving me again. Tomorrow. She is going to Louisiana to visit her sister and brother for a mini-reunion. I don't know why but just thinking about it caused that left behind series of books to pop into my head. That was quickly followed by the folk-bluegrass tune resonating in my being, "Man of Constant Sorrow." I think I had better move on before I end up throwing myself a surprise pity party.

You know once you open that gate, pretty soon you are on to "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song" and there's no turning back. I'm surprised because even though I wrote all of that mostly tongue in cheek, once you get into those thought patterns, bam!, there's that image of that huge ocean liner slithering into the ocean depths with that orchestra playing "Nearer My God to Thee." Okay. I got up, walked around for a minute, and now I am back and ready to realign my train of thought. That other one ended up off the rails, so to speak. But, it was all intended to be just for fun. You know. The use of words to portray images that convey a message. Word pictures do just that. Depending on the mindset of the person reading, word pictures can elicit all kinds of emotions. People looking at the same images interpret them differently. The same thing happens when we process a word picture. I describe. You decide. We all are storytellers, in one way or another. Here's an example from my own life. I'm not sure I ever told this one but when my little brother and I would lay in bed at night I would tell him a sad story to see if I could make him cry. (I typically always was able to do that.) I can't remember if I ever tried to tell one that would make him happy. I actually wasn't being cruel, or, at least I hope I wasn't. I think we were just being kids. I was practicing my storytelling skills. Don't write me and tell me how that explains a lot. Believe me, I'm a whole lot more messed up than that.

No. It's not a slow news day for me, it's just me playing my favorite song, perhaps on that tiny little violin. You know the one I'm talking about. "Rambling Prose."  If you know the tune, sing along with me, "Ramblin' prose, ramblin' prose Why you ramble, no one knows..." Now that I've said all of that I feel so much better I think I will cancel my therapist appointment for this week. That is a joke. I don't have an appointment this week. I'm not sure when it is scheduled. That too is a joke. I will pass on a tip for today. Don't spray Windex on your eyeglasses while they are on your face. I'm not saying I ever tried that one, but, the thought has occurred to me, and having weighed the potential outcomes I believe it not to be the best way to clean your glasses. There's more to the story than that but due to time limitations, I'll have to save it for another episode. I know what some of you are thinking. Whatever medications I am on you either think they need to be reviewed or for some, you might be inclined to want some of them for yourself. At the end of the day, when it's all said and done, wrapping it all up and putting a bow on it, please take it all with a grain of salt. You what? You will pray for me? That's always a good thing. Thank you very much. I'll do the same. For you too. Amen. .... More later.

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