Monday, February 13, 2017

I know. There's not much of a theme, but, then again, what's new about that?

Hello once again and welcome to back-to-work Monday. This one appears to be okay in associating itself with February 13, 2017. Seeing the bumpy start by this new administration does not bother me. (Being redundant here, but keep in mind, I voted for Mr. Trump but I did not support his candidacy.) Washington D.C. suffers from a terminal illness with its main symptoms being its own self-awareness and self-preservation. Part of that is to view everything through the lens of its own making. It's the establishment lens. The mainstream uses it only when it suits their purposes. The many gaffes of President Obama were overlooked because he was their man. Every little misstep in this new start-up is presented to the country as being catastrophic. The patient feels very threatened. I'm willing to see the wheels come off if it will bring even modest change. I think a majority of my fellow citizens see it the same way. A majority. Last time I checked, that meant more than 50%, but, even a casual observer can see where the haters who are the minority own the headlines and for the most part, the airwaves as well. Yet, folks out in the boondocks who were not considered in the past, they continue to support the change they voted for. That's where the majority comes in. In discussing these hiccups being played out on the world stage I mentioned to someone the other day a weekly TV program that we watch. It's 'Larry's Country Diner' on RFD-TV. It's a one-hour program recorded live without all the staging and cue cards that most programs use. At the end of every program, the announcer signs off with these words, "Where the cameras are always rolling," he then invites the audience to help him with these words, "and we don't care!" Sure, I would like to see things work a little more smoothly, perhaps. However, the swamp is fighting back, and while I don't see it being drained, I do see some of it being diluted, therefore, as for the messiness the media interprets as the sky falling, my response to their hysteria is much like that show sign off, "I don't really care." Based on recent polling, that silent majority that finally found their voice during the last presidential election feels the same way.

Given our viewpoints on our nation, we didn't watch one second of the Grammy's. No red carpet, no behind the scenes, and none of their wacko speeches. I'll ask you a question. Why in heaven's name do people allow folks who demonstrate every deviant form of behavior to lecture them and their children on matters of politics and policy? I can't figure that one out. I really can't. It's like those recognizable movie stars who are against guns but have made their fortunes making violent movies. I know everyone has issues with hypocrisy, however, when it is blatantly in your face, it gets very tiresome as the lectures on how everyone else should operate their lives go on and on and on. The leftist agenda may be somewhat in disarray after this most recent election, however, the celebrities, for the most part, are in full court pressure in terms of using every opportunity they have to denounce the current administration and to promote their lifestyle choices. Who are influenced by these people? For the most part: Our children. They are the ones listening to their music, watching their TV shows, and buying tickets to their movies. I've actually seen kids on Facebook being shamed into showing support for this so-called movement. Celebrity influence married to peer pressure, it's a powerful weapon and we might better pay attention. For the good of our children and the future of our nation.

As always, you don't have to be in the dark as to how I see it. Here's a quick update from my trip over to Louisiana to see mom this past Saturday. As I have mentioned before, she has her good days and she has her not-so-good days. Saturday was one of her not-so-good days, however, they did finally give her something to calm her nerves and she slept for the five hours we were there. She was resting peacefully. I so appreciate our middle son, Jimmy, going with me. He did the driving. That was a big help. Mom was glad to see him. While I got to ride along which was better for me, it still didn't pacify Uncle Arthur, (arthritis), who likes to do a number of my hips when I am riding. Maybe I need a more comfortable vehicle. You know. A seat in the car that is comparable to one of those sleep number beds. Oh. That's right. We don't have one of those sleep number beds. Just thinking out loud here. Tomorrow is Valentines Day. One of my nieces posted something on Facebook that brought a smile. It said if your boyfriend writes you a note that says happy valentimes day, well, it's best to drop him, period, end of story. That reminds me. I had better check the spelling on the card I made for you know who. Take care. Be blessed. And, thank God for His provisions. Amen. ....More later.

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