Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Copied: Growing up with Siblings. You take the TV remote to the refrigerator with you so they can't change the channel while you are gone.

If I have said it once I've said it at least 2,498 times. That is: Welcome. Today is Tuesday, February 7, 2016. Our Super Bowl viewing experience worked out really well. We watched most of the preliminaries and the first half of the game. We then turned and watched a re-run of NCIS, followed by the series episode of Queen Victoria on PBS. During NCIS commercials we flipped forth and back to the game and saw bits and pieces of the half-time show. The lady performer had said before the game that her desire was to show people who ordinarily wouldn't follower her music how that we are all pretty much the same. The wife and I didn't come away with any changed view of her or her performance. I suppose we didn't fit into whatever demographic she was talking about. After Queen Victoria, we switched back to the game and saw the last seven minutes of what turned out to be a historic come from behind win. I know that by confessing this viewing approach, I have endangered the renewal of my official fan registration card. However, it turned out to be a good evening for us. We watched what we wanted to watch, enjoyed the end to a historic game, and got to see all the post game shenanigans as well. And, yes, I was standing close to the big screen during the overtime. Some of that was from habit, the other was to get away from the distraction of hearing the wife trying to explain to her sister on the phone what was going on. When she asked me what position Tom Brady played, I knew it was time to move.

The place where mom is doing her rehabilitation is not new. You get the impression all of the equipment used is WW2 surplus. However, from the time you go through the front entrance, down through the halls, and into the room where mom is staying, the entire place is reeking of CLEAN. Most of the furniture and other items may be dated, but the place seemed almost sterile. That part of it was most impressive. I've been in places like that with much better facilities but it had that smell and it didn't appear to be that clean. That's just a throw down assessment from my first visit there. We have been so blessed to have wonderful caregivers who have worked with mom since her surgical procedure. I'm not saying every single staff person has been that way, however, the vast majority have been, and that means a lot to mom and to the rest of our family. A lot has been said about her primary care physician who has been her doctor for some 30 years. Many think he might not be the best. My thought is that if you are a doctor who treats folks and they are still functional into their 90's, well, that speaks for something. Could he have a better bedside manner? Perhaps. Could he be more forthcoming with detailed information? Perhaps. The list could go on, but, the bottom line to me is how he has successfully treated mom through numerous serious health challenges, and, she is still here. Just me. Others can draw their own conclusions.

Last Saturday made my 6th trip since mom fell. Many people wonder if I can keep this up. I am thankful for all who have volunteered to cover for me if I decide to stay overnight. It just works best, if, mom is getting reasonably good care, that I can go and come the same day. I'm thankful for the man I work for here at our company. He owns the business and has made it clear that whatever I need to do, just do it. When I told mom what he had said, she said my boss was a true blessing. That he is. As for the travel forth and back, I still believe in my heart of hearts, it's the least that I can do. It does make for a long day and I typically get to bed early when I get home. I could be needed at any time on a moments notice and I am very glad those options are available to me. The driving and riding typically does do a number on my hips. It's that arthritis stuff that many of you know all too well. Other than that and some amount of fatigue, it's not nearly as difficult as some might think. I know in mom's world right now, she has to wonder about her future. She is incapacitated for much of her 24x7 day. This gives her lots of time to dwell on the past, and, she has a lot of that cataloged in her 92.5-year run. This leads to the 'why' questions. I told her the only answer I know of for a believer is a faith answer. Believe Him and what He has said. ".....casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you." (1st Peter 5:7) Until next time may God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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