Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm dreaming of a holly jolly Christmas!

Made last Saturday before my promo photos.
Good morning and welcome to the adventures of yours truly aka the jolly old dude. It's Monday, October 3, 2016, and here's a little preview for you: "May the message of Christmas fill your life with joy and peace. Best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season." No. I am not trying to rush the season. I am well aware that we have the mega billion dollar Halloween yet to come and then the Thanksgiving celebration before we begin to think about singing "It's beginning to look like Christmas." I've seen postings on Facebook that indicate some retailers already have Christmas goods on display. As for the wife and I, we do have to start thinking about our preparations to do our best to bring joy to children of all ages in our portrayal of Santa and Mrs. Claus. I have this on my mind because this past Saturday I went into the studio to do advertising promotional photos. I'm pretty sure this is the earliest I have donned the 'Suit', although I am scheduled to do Selfies with Santa at our ladies craft show at our local fellowship in mid-October. The photos will have a backdrop and they will be free of charge, however, if someone wants to make a donation to our missions outreach effort, we will be receiving those gifts. I will tell you this. Kids are already peeping around their moms and dads when they see me in the store. "Could that be who I think it might be?" The parents are typically oblivious. I know that feeling. Let's not think about toys for all the girls and boys until we have to. The good news is how the real meaning of Christmas, that being the coming into the world of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, well, He came to seek and to save those who are lost. He is still doing that today. And, I am so thankful He is! Amen.

You thought I missed it, didn't you? National Coffee Day. It was last Thursday and I took note of many on Facebook who paid homage to this beverage which is such a huge part of our lives and culture. I didn't pour me another cup of Community every time I read a little quip or looked at a funny cartoon devoted to recognizing the importance of coffee, but, I did do my part in personally participating throughout the day. I may have had one or two cups more than normal. Hey. Don't think bad of me, it was, after all, National Coffee Day. The Community Coffee Company put on a really special one day sale to honor the day and even though I didn't really need more stock, they made an offer I couldn't refuse. I read one little quote that said this, "Coffee on weekends is recreational. As opposed to weekdays when it is medicinal." I can't agree totally with that sentiment because I pretty much enjoy my coffee no matter what day it is. I actually think I am right about that. Another one had this little ditty, "It's strange how the thought of drinking 8 glasses of water seems impossible, but you can drink 8 cups of coffee and it goes down like a chubby kid on a see-saw." I'm not quite as bad off as this one, "I drink my coffee because without it I am basically a two-year-old whose blankie is in the washer." I will admit that when I don't drink coffee until after they do lab work, it does make me wonder why the lab wouldn't open at 3 a.m. to accommodate people like me. Enough said. Actually, more than enough.

Okay. I can't help myself. I really did like this one. "Coffee helps me to person. Without it, personing can be a real challenge." What's that? I hear you. I will share a few more since you insist. "Coffee is starter fluid for the morning impaired." "Coffee: Because adulting is hard." "Have you ever thought about how it might be the coffee that's addicted to me?" "If you walk a mile in my shoes, you will likely end up at a coffee shop." "I'm waiting to see what my coffee chooses for the day. To use its powers for good or evil." Someone tried to help Dr. Seuss, "You're off to Great Places, today is your Day! Your coffee is waiting, so.... get on your Way!" "Today's good mood is sponsored by your coffee." "Sure, I could start my day without coffee but I like to remember things like how to say words and put on my pants." That should do it, but, let me share one more for the road, "I didn't sleep well last night so when I made my coffee this morning I used Red Bull instead of water. I was halfway to work before I realized I had left the car at home." All of these were on one of those Pinterest boards. As I sign off for today, I can smell another cup brewing and it is the one I enjoy the most, Community 100% Columbia Altura, Medium to Dark Roast, in the individual Keurig style cup. Yep. That was a plug. A family plug, if you will. That's how us coffee drinkers view the folks who roast those beans. Enjoy the rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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