Thursday, October 6, 2016

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

You noticed. Thanks. This will be the fifth consecutive episode where I have not mentioned anything about the political calamities sweeping our nation. It hasn't been easy. This doesn't mean that I have quit noticing, I'm just seeing if I can make our visits about something other than this endless mud wrestling event. Hello and welcome, it's Thursday, October 6, 2016. I'm also sure this is likely not a permanent fixture since what happens in Washington does impact our daily lives, however, there are many other subjects that do occupy our time. Most know that I am a cool weather person. I've always been that way as far back as I can remember. Maybe it was those long hot summers growing up in Louisiana with only a window fan to help me bear the hot and unmerciful humidity. Many of my fondest recollections connect to the fall and winter months of my sojourn. Yes. I am aware how our minds can turn almost any recollection into a Currier and Ives painting. Yet, I am thankful for my cool weather orientation. I worry some that with age that may get away from me. While I'm not sure I'm ready to test my cold weather resilience by walking through the woods breaking the ice on the mud puddles like I did as a teen, but, I am still glad to have this spark of anticipation as I look forward to some frosty mornings. (I have no idea where that photo was taken but I've been down that same path many times in my growing up days.)

I do know what it means to be both cold and wet, at the same time. That shivering and shaking did not make for a pleasant experience. However, on balance, the enjoyment of the cooler clime far outweighs the not so pleasant recollections. Except for when we nearly wrecked in that ice storm on our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Except for that time my Uncle and I got lost out in the big woods and had to walk maybe 25 miles to safety. We were soaked and cold. Yea. And, what about the time when one of our main pipes burst due to the freeze? See what I mean? If you think long enough you will always come up with 'on the other hand', or, 'the rest of the story.' I'm not distracted by these passing thoughts where things may have been a little less enjoyable. Tom, our across the street neighbor for many years, came to our area from upstate New York. He used to tell me his thoughts on cold weather. When I told him how much I loved the cold, he laughed. Out loud, for you texting aficionados. He said he had spent most of his life digging out from under 6 to 9 feet of snow and it was his opinion that if I had walked in his same shoes or rubber boots, I would never think about saying anything good about cold weather. I will admit I never experienced what he did. Therefore, I continue with my fantasy of enjoying the cooler weather. And, on occasion, when I forget, I have been known to back up to our fireplace as I fondly recall the days of yesteryear and warm myself against a flickering fake fire made by a spinning light bulb. No wonder. It even has the crackling sound effect.

I suppose I got a double dose of the sentimentalist gene. I can't help myself. I've always been dreaming of a white Christmas but in my case, it was not just like the ones I used to know. We've had ice a few times on Christmas day but I can't remember us ever having a snow covered white Christmas. That never kept me from liking that song. If there is a warming issue in terms of our climate, whether natural or man-made, I hate that it has reduced the cold, or, at least it seems to have reduced the cold, in our neck of the woods. You noticed I used man made. Sorry. I felt like using it instead of today's preferred person induced or humankind. Give me a break! Man made. Man made. Man made. Okay. I think I now have that out of my system. I didn't even comment on the connection between cold and Christmas. Those two go together like copy and paste. (Note: modern example.) I could have said milk and cookies or peanut butter and jelly. However, with the obesity crisis and the allergy problems that many have, copy and paste, seemed a better choice. I feel like I am becoming one of those warning labels on, you name it. On everything these days. Oh well, I'll leave you with this one to help get your day started, "And since we've no place to go ... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." Be sure and bundle up and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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