Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Thinking about what happened on October 5, 1965, a very important day in our history.

Today is Wednesday, October 5, 2016. This is an important day to us. It's one where we pause and express our thankfulness to God for our first born, Chris. Because of timing and availability, we treated him and his wife, Sherrie, to dinner last Saturday evening to recognize his birthday. I had written in his card that it seemed like just the other day he was working on a broken appliance or maybe an electronic device. That would have been true if I had in mind the present, but, my thought was how it seemed like just the other day that he, as an 8-year-old, was already doing those kinds of things in making use of the mechanical inclinations he possessed. Our Chris is a man of faith, character, and one who has done his best to lead his family as God would have him to. He does his best to demonstrate his commitment to honor his parents and we feel blessed to be the recipients of his love and respect. Happy Birthday son and may God continue to bless. Love, mom and dad.

I am still in the observation business. I notice people who complain all the time about how unreasonable customers are, but, they rarely, and perhaps, never, stop to think about how unreasonable they are when demanding service from others. I have seen this up close and personal and I know this lack of self-awareness comes with the territory, but, it is an interesting personality quirk. We all know folks who are in the throes of finding a job. Often, they end up with 'any' job while attempting to match an employer to their skills. I am a participant in the 'Linked in' networking utility. The other day I saw the credentials of a young lady who has her degree in a neuroscience-related field. Her current job is as a receptionist for a health care provider. She is obviously still in the market according to her profile but I give her credit for having a job even if it has very little to do with her proven educational credentials. She is not alone. A Washington Post article pointed out that some 75% of individuals holding BS degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, (referred to as STEM), find themselves in jobs outside of their degree. Think about the young lady who has been trained in behavioral science as she greets someone in her receptionist role, "Welcome to our company, and by the way, I think I might be able to help you with that noticeable head motioning tic you have." It's just throw down stuff or throw away. You decide.

No. I am not attempting to add reasons for people to be glad they are not me. I think they have plenty already, so there's no need. I suppose there are times when my curiosity gets away from me. I heard growing up that 'curiosity killed the cat'. The idea behind that little ditty, that being too much inquisitiveness can lead to a dangerous situation, dates back to the late 1500's. Much later the soothing retort was added, 'but satisfaction brought it back'. I assume that means whatever was being investigated ended with a good outcome. I think when my grandmother and my mother used that little saying they meant for me not to stick my nose into things that were none of my business. They must not have been inclined to get into the spirit of inquiring minds want to know. Here's a thought. If I knew where that receptionist lady/behavioral science person was working, perhaps I could give her a call and see if she could draw any conclusions over the telephone. It would be a type of blind test, so to speak. Maybe not. If she talked to me she might end up needing help for her own psyche. I wouldn't want to see that happen. In the meantime, I will do my best to deal with it. As for you, do your best to enjoy the day and give God thanks for it. Amen. ....More later.

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