Friday, October 9, 2015

“Posterity is the patriotic name for grandchildren.” ~ Art Linkletter

I was talking the other day about Brady's game face. We do have one waiting in the wings. She had her first practice this week. Her Paw Paw, our Chris, sent me her photo. Talking about getting all swelled up with pride! Some emotion too. Isn't it amazing how that works. I didn't need an instruction card to tell me how to feel when I saw her photo. It was the thought of our five year old great grand coupled to that old people sensitivity and when you put that into a combination, well, a tear is likely to follow. I shared that because I wanted to get off on a positive note on this Friday, October 9, 2015. I remember when her granddad was learning how to play back when he was a kid. I remember he and his brothers in band. You know how parents are. They were out there in a formation. Why is the entire band out of step except for our boy? That's how I roll. Our little Madi girl has never played any sports and when they chased her down and took the ball away from her, she did what any self respecting five year old newbie would do. She cried. I think it might be best for everyone involved for her Great Grand Poppy to stay at home. I used to holler to our boys and their friends upstairs, "Don't make me come up there!" To all those soccer kids playing with my great grand, just so you know, I still know not only know how to say it, but more importantly I still know what to do if I have to.

The wife left me again. She went over to Louisiana to check on her sister. When she does that she leaves me home alone. While it does have some advantages, they do not nearly make up for her not being here. We are not a team, we are, according to God, and I think He as Creator would know, one flesh. We recognize this as the truth. We recognize it as a principle of life. However, the practicing of all that it means is a part of the challenge that all believing married couples deal with. She left last Tuesday afternoon. I came home. Fixed me a sandwich and then I ate a little cup of Blue Bell Homemade as a reward. Reward for what? Being home alone. No one was there to ask if it was a good idea or not. I had a little conference with me, myself, and I where we concluded that I, having been left home alone, deserved it. See how it works when I am left to my own devices? Don't get me wrong. I fully support her doing whatever she can to help her sister. Anything at all. We are family. The next morning I did my little blood droplet test and scored a 98. I will never figure out how that works but I do thank Blue Bell for helping me to achieve that good number. Pray for the plants because I have been assigned the responsibility to make sure they do not die while she is away. I will do my best to handle that burden. If I do it well maybe there will be another reward. But, you can be sure I will call that little group into conference again before making any decisions. (She came back last night, therefore, the me, myself, and I committee has been disbanded until further notice.)

Home alone. I mentioned there are some advantages. What are the advantages? I believe those are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Trade secrets. Not really. But, since they are not worth talking about we will proceed with the rest of today's story. It's been an interesting week. Our eldest turned 50. His granddaughter participated in her first soccer practice. The Astros beat the Yankees in a wild card game to earn the right to advance to the baseball playoffs. I enjoyed reading the New York City press as they unloaded on their team. It was nice reading that stuff about them, instead of us, for a change. The Astros have now won the first game of the playoffs against Kansas City. The Houston Cougars also won big against SMU. The Texans, well, they not only lost again, but they are in many ways, embarrassing. That's just my armchair throw down drive by assessment. I also thoroughly enjoyed the cooler air earlier in the week. We had great services on Sunday and Wednesday evening. It was our privilege to pray daily for a large number of folks near and dear to us who are dealing with illnesses and other challenges. That's right. Privileged to pray for one another. That's what we do as we connect into God's provisions. He set it up that way. I'm glad He did. I do hope you have a wonderful Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I'll try to have something concocted for our visit planned for next Monday morning. Lord willing. May He continue to provide for us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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