Monday, October 19, 2015

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." Jesus the Christ, Matthew 11:28

Hello and welcome back to where we left off whenever we were together last. This reconnect is taking place on Monday, October 19, 2015. I know some of you are wondering how in the world I failed to mention the low humidity and cool mornings last week. As for the humidity, I understand that Colorado called and said some of theirs was missing. It was nice. Driving in very early with the window down, 48 degrees, and sipping on my hot, black, cup of Community, well, that does make for an enjoyable start to any day. Even the record tying and/or setting high temps for October were not so bad with the lower humidity. It can stay a while if you ask me. In the category of having something to rejoice over, a fellow I played baseball with when I was in high school gave his heart to Christ last week. That's right. He's not that young. In fact he ended up marrying one of the wife's running buddies and they have had a great life together but now they have the greatest of connections in being born again and on their way to heaven. I share that because it really is never too late. (That is, as long as you are still breathing air on the planet and able to hear, believe, and respond.) I would never recommend that anyone put off the most important decision they will ever make, but, God's grace is always there for those who will respond to His invitation. Hearing about my old teammate being saved, well, that is great news indeed!

This man's wife has been faithful throughout her lifetime. She has been active in ministry through her local Church. I believe he often went with her to their services. I mention this because there are some folks who put a lot of stock in the religious activities they are involved in. Going to Church no more makes one a Christian any more than going to a garage makes one a car. The transition from unbeliever to believer is an act of faith in the Christ who gave Himself up on behalf of those lost and in need of a Savior. The jailer mentioned in Acts Chapter 16 came to realize his need before God and cried out: "What must I do to be saved?" The Apostle Paul told him exactly how it works, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." That transformation comes from the inside out and it then shows up in a changed new life. I understand the fellow I knew a long time ago has already followed His Lord by being baptized. That is an act of obedience to the Lord's command and it bears witness to the change that has taken place in his life. Immersed in the water shows forth that he was buried in the likeness of His death and raised up in the likeness of His resurrection. Baptism is a testimony that tells everyone about this new life in Christ. I am aware there are many views regarding baptism but I felt like sharing my understanding as taught in a harmony of the truths found in God's Word.

The fellow who was saved after all these years was a hard throwing pitcher. When we get to heaven God will wipe away our tears. Hopefully that will include the remembrance of a particular game we were in. Playing a local rival, the game was tight. A man was on third. I was the third baseman. I thought I was paying attention but I missed seeing my pitcher try a pick off play to third. I don't think he had ever done that before. The ball sailed right past me. The guy on third walked home. I felt pretty bad. My pitcher certainly wasn't too happy with me. As you can tell I hardly even remember the horribly painful gut wrenching way that I felt. In fact, full disclosure here, over the years when the wife would mention his wife in conversation that particular game is what came to my mind. I doubt he even remembers it. I do. I don't know all the reasons but I do know that things that cause us to be embarrassed or singled out stay with us a long time. Even from when we were little kids. But, that will be enough about my psyche for one day. The good news is that I stand forgiven before the Lord because of what my Savior did for me. That is what really matters. Now, if I could only forget how that 2nd grade teacher singled me out, maybe I could move on. Just kidding. Not about what she did. Just about moving on. Have a blessed Monday and may God help us all is my prayer. Amen. .....More later.

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