Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy 50th to our eldest!

Another year has come and gone and we find ourselves once again thinking about our eldest son on the anniversary of his birth, here on this October 5. That happened 50 years ago today. That's right. Fifty years. It is back to work Monday and this one falls on October 5, 2015. I well remember that boy's arrival. What's that they say about kids having kids? I was 19 and the wife was 18. I do know one thing. Our Chris has been a blessing to us throughout his lifetime. Having a child turn 50 is no doubt significant to him and his family but it's also an amazing milestone for us. Chris strives daily to be a man of God and he does his best with God's help to be the kind of husband, dad, and granddad that brings honor to God. He also goes out of his way to show his love and respect to his mom and dad. We think that to be so very special especially since we are just beginning to begin to take a few baby steps towards that pathway marked Elderly. I particularly appreciate our daily visits on the phone where we dissect everything from world news, politics, sports, family, and up to and including all things theological. I know his wife and daughters are excited about his 50th. And, I am also certain that a little girl who calls him Paw Paw is very excited as well. Happy Birthday son and thanks for being who you are to us and to so many others. We thank God for you. Amen. Our love, Mom and Dad.

**I know there's been a lot of forth and back in trying to soften the impact of this story. The mainstream folks are doing anything they can to try and distance the Pope from this lady. However, it has been interesting to see how it developed from the get go.** Well, it's a sad situation folks. Sad indeed! You remember that revival experienced by the mainstream media when they thought the Pope was on their side? The wheels have come off of that little pony ride and it has crashed into a wall. They found out the Pope had flown the lady from Kentucky who refused to sign the marriage licenses to New York City so he could meet with her privately. Oh no! Surely not! Please say it isn't true! We were out there in those parades waving our hands like crazy. We thought you were on our side. Oh no, please, please, somebody tell us this meeting is a hoax. One of the reporters I heard was hilarious. She built up with glowing terms all the hoopla and how wonderful everything had been and the grand reception was breathtaking, then, her voice changed, suddenly in a solemn tone she gravely reported they had learned of this private meeting. Disappointed. Heart broken. Devastated. All those follow up stories will now have to be trashed. Those climate control fanatics will now sit in their darkened rooms and be sad for an appropriate time of grieving. The lady reported the Pope's final words to her: "Stay strong." That's even worse. Can't the President do something? Maybe the Supreme Court will step in. They could declare that private meeting to be outlawed based on the Affordable Care Act and somehow make it unconstitutional. You know I'm just messing around. But, the reality could not be more clear. Their little foray into a warm embrace of religion got cold really quick. They are likely trying to get an annulment on that one.

That's not the way you see it? See it whatever way you want to. I'm just giving you how I see it from where I sit. I did read a staff writer's response in the Washington Post. He was doing back flips in trying to let people know that a meeting like that may not mean anything at all. He went on and on about how the Pope meets with people all the time. Some are just bystanders that he spends a brief moment with. They could have a criminal background. There's no telling. One problem. The early reports say his office arranged to fly the lady to New York City for this meeting. That sounds quite different from a casual hello from the meet and greet line. I can't help myself. I may be coming down with an advanced case of irony poisoning. Too much of that will cause one to double over with uncontrollable laughter. You don't think it to be that funny? That's okay too. I do, so please allow me to use this means to share with you why I get a kick out of it when the mainstream's greatest attempts to manipulate ends up doing a boomerang hitting them upside the head. Metaphorically, of course. I wonder if the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a antidote for irony poisoning? It would be good to know. Just in case. Right? Take care and may God bless us all. Amen.  .....More later.

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