Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - - you're right." ~ Henry Ford

There's cold and then there's really cold.
Here we go again. This time I come to you live and in color on this Wednesday, March 15, 2017. We had ourselves another taste of what colder weather might feel like beginning this just past Sunday. It has been brief but effective. On Lord's Day Sunday I actually saw some people who had gathered at our local fellowship coming through the door practicing their teeth chattering. I had been out walking to and fro, up and down, and all around the parking lot. It was maybe 48 degrees with a 15 mph breeze yielding something in the mid to lower 40's. Brisk and enjoyable. To me. On Monday afternoon I caught the image on the internet of a house from Webster, New York. The photo was taken this past weekend with a caption that called it 'the Ice House'. Webster is a few miles north and east of Rochester, and this particular home is located near Lake Ontario. The ice is a result of high winds and frigid cold. Man oh man, that's what I call some cold weather folks. That's hard to imagine. I'm pretty sure I would not be out and about anywhere near that particular property. Makes one thankful to live in an area that can't seem to buy some really cold weather. Thankful indeed!

I may have been in my throwback 'enjoy the cold' mode this past Sunday, but, I can assure you that as I make my way ever closer to hitting that three score and eleven years, I'm not nearly as resistant to the cold as I was in my younger years. Uncle Arthur, Aunt Bursey, and a variety of other kin folks work together to make me chilled to my inner core on some days when it's mostly some slight cool dampness that penetrates these old bones. (Arthritis, Bursitis, inflammation, cramps, and others are those referenced as kin folks.) Yes. I am aware you can watch 90 plus-year-olds working out on the internet. Maybe they need to wear a pair of my genes for a day or two and then we will see how well they do. (Genes as in jeans.) I suppose back in the day I had a better handle on the mind over matter thermostat control within my body. Today, it's mostly doing its own thing. One time I can enjoy the cold. The next time I'm shivering like they just pulled me out of the Artic Ocean. One day I can enjoy driving down the road with the window rolled down with it so cold my lips turn purple. The next I've got every heater option available blowing full blast. Yep. It does. Makes for variety. And, we all know how much I do enjoy variety. Thanks for reminding me.

Talking about all of this makes me want to go home and get under the wife's electric blanket. You do know I'm kidding about that one. When that happens, we'll put the mortician on speed dial. That was intended to be a joke, so, don't go all morbid on me. Old people. You do have to love them. One fellow said he loved old people because many of them don't have a clue about returning a high five. They just look up to see what your hand is up in the air for. In case you were wondering, I do know and I do give high fives. Take care and may God bless us all. Amen. ....More later.

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