Monday, March 6, 2017

“Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book.” ― Ronald Reagan

Good day and welcome on this back to work Monday, March 6, 2017. I know pretty much everyone was surprised when Mr. Trump won the election. Ever since that happened the entrenched political class has made every effort they can to try and destroy his agenda. President Trump, unlike his predecessor, does not have the 'race card' that can be played to try and stall these relentless attacks. Maybe he could cry foul based on him being a part of a very small people group, the billionaires. (According to Wikipedia, in 2016, there were less than 2,000 out of a world population of nearly 7.5 billion people.) I actually don't think this group could get themselves into a protected class, therefore, I really don't think that one will fly. I read a couple of forth and back postings from two of my Santa Claus brothers who both happen to be of a liberal persuasion. One said he couldn't believe how President Trump is operating. He expects the people that work for him to be on board with his vision. If not, he wants them gone. The other fellow said that's what we get when we elect a businessman as President. That exchange was so funny to me. I kind of think that is the way it works almost everywhere fellows. If you can't get with the program, you need to get gone. I told my eldest that in business you are always having to deal with surprises. Key people leaving. A changed environment. All kinds of stuff happening in real time. In business, you have to adjust on the fly. The detractors hope to bog down the President in all these shenanigans, but, they might end up being surprised when he does what any other CEO has to do, deal with the situation, put it behind you, and move forward. And, to not let the entrenched political class win the war. They might win a few battles and even take out some folks along the way, but, the outcome or the war itself will define success or defeat. (Can you believe I started out today with nothing really to say?)

I was driving down the road the other day listening to an old time radio drama from the series, 'Suspense'. That series was on from 1942 to 1962. Alfred Hitchcock did a number of the programs. I don't know who did the one I was listening to since it had already started when I turned it on. I do know that it was unsettling. A businessman went to a play. The play was about a prince that his countryman did not know about. The undisclosed prince was working in an ordinary job waiting for the day when his royalty would be revealed and he would be restored to his rightful place. The businessman became captivated by this play. He went to see it every day for weeks. He became convinced the play was about him. He was the prince. His wife knew something had changed in him. He began to tell her that she was beneath his station. She was desperate to find out what was going on. One particular day he became enraged and ended up drowning her in the bathtub. Now he was free. After all, he was a real prince. He had met a beautiful rich young widow at the play. He saw her as the love interest as portrayed in the play. After killing his wife which was ruled an accident he wooed and married this young widow. She played along with his prince charming act thinking it was romantic. He ended up killing her too. There's much more to the story but I think you get the idea. I almost changed the station more than once. It was a scary story. You mean radio can do that? It did that to me. I should know. I was the one listening to it.

Radio theater engages your imagination and I suppose for me that can be a fairly dangerous proposition. Think about it. You have people sitting around a table each reading from a script. You have an orchestra providing the mood music. And, some people using a variety of articles to produce sounds. The rest is up to the listener. If you actually saw them it would kill the show your mind is playing out before you. Pretty heady stuff. Right? Okay. I am well aware that it's not for everyone. I do have an update on my mom coming out of our visit this past Saturday and Sunday. She is making it but it is a struggle and her life today has changed so much from before she fell. However, she is a living, breathing, demonstration of God's grace. The photo shows that she had just finished a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake made especially for her by the wife. The wife also carried some homemade lasagna and a homemade loaf of bread. We served up a grand supper meal for all to enjoy and that we did! Feasting and fellowship. These past nearly 2-1/2 months have taken a toll, but, she can still laugh with her family, and, yes, she can still cry as she thinks about how God has brought her this far. We don't know how all of this will turn out, but, we have all been brought closer to our God during this time. And, that, my friend, is a good thing. It really is. I do hope you will have yourself a really great rest of the day and may God add His blessings as we all continue our journey here. Amen. ....More later.

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