Friday, March 24, 2017

Tip: If a telemarketer calls, give the phone to your three year old and tell them it's Santa Claus. ~ copied

It's time to put a bookend on this work week. At least that works for those, like me, who are fortunate to work a Monday through Friday schedule. I am well aware there are lots of folks who work just about every kind of shift and schedule imaginable, and I tip my cap to them. I know the metaphor in the old days would typically have been a hat but I actually am wearing my cap. Right. The red one. Good to meet up again with you on this Friday, March 24, 2017. Speaking of red, yes, red, I remind us all that I am an active participant in the Santa Claus enterprise, therefore, some of my brethren fascinate me with their seemingly endless promotion of their training services, the selling of accessories, and other types of money making ventures. With no disrespect intended, it's like a form of Amway for Santa Claus. One idea that some have had success with involves doing live video visits with children in their homes. I'm not altogether sure, but, for some reason, I think I might be able to do something like that. It would require fixing up a backdrop/set and coming up with the technology needed to make it work. The parents would provide the information on the children beforehand so Santa can make the most of their few minutes together. Let's see. Three minutes for $15 - $20. All credit and debit cards accepted. (I think Mrs. Claus would like those numbers.) I'm thinking about thinking about something in this area. I will keep you posted because I might want to send everyone a test video to get your feedback. I saw one Santa who asked for feedback on what people think when they see the videos he posts on Facebook. One responded saying they thought it was a great example of a con job. Hey. It is, after all is said and done, in the eye of the beholder. Ho Ho Ho!

My wife often tells me that very few care anything at all about my Santa Claus dealings. She may be right, but, it is an active part of my current profile, therefore, I typically write about things that pertain to stuff close to me. My blog is a personal journal. There are many other types of blogs. Some are commercial in nature. Others reflect a specific subject area. And, nowadays, many of my readers pick up my blog on their mobile phones. Mobile phones are in meltdown mode these days. Nearly everywhere I go I see people wandering around looking for an outlet to recharge their phones.  Our grandkids run into the house holding their cord up as an indicator they are on a critical mission to get their phone actively working again. I read one person's comments who said it's funny to see how much these phones are used and how often they need to be on the charger, she summarized it by saying, it's almost like having a landline again. (Think about it. A phone tied to a cord.) That's even with all the great battery life technology available. I've counted as many as four or five phones being charged in our house at the same time. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Is it any wonder that kids as young as maybe two or three often ask Santa for their own personal phone? I'm not so sure we have to wait a long time to know if this is a good thing or not.

I don't know exactly why but I can tell today's episode is about as scattered and disconnected as all get out. Don't get all snooty about the 'all get out' phrase. It can be tracked back to 1869. See. I'm not only into slang but I'm also preserving history as well. If that don't beat all! No. I didn't look that one up. You can if you like. This has been some week. My mom's recent accidental fall and the subsequent new fracture has been of great concern to us all. She was already close to being mostly incapacitated, but, now almost 100% so. It is very difficult to know where all of this is going. At any rate, God knows about all the burdens we carry, and He does want to help us to bear them. The old song advises that we take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there. I have confidence in Him working all of these things out even while we deal with the day by day issues that come up. Thanks so much to so many who have shown concern for and have offered up prayers for our dear mother. The response of those who care has been greatly appreciated. It is very humbling. Now it is time for me to take my leave for this week. Take care. Enjoy your Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I plan to be in my place come next Monday morning. Lord willing. Until then, may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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