Friday, September 9, 2016

Wishing mom and dad a happy 39th wedding anniversary!

"But we`ll travel along Singing a song Side by side."
Today is Friday, September 9, 2016, and I pause to recognize mom and dad on the occasion of the 39th observance of their wedding anniversary. What a blessing from God these two are to us all. God has given them both a long sojourn and they are now able to count a number of great-greats in their huge blended clan. I think of the word devoted when I think of mom and dad. Devoted to God. Devoted to each other. Devoted to their family. They have never stopped caring and they still can enjoy a good laugh as they continue the journey God has given to them, together. Happy Anniversary and thanks for being such wonderful parents to us all. Amen.

The Republican candidate for President visited an African American Church last week. The news media were there. He struck a conciliatory tone and was well received. That's right. He was well received. At the end of his talk, he received a standing ovation. The film crew was ordered by their network control bosses to cut out the response of the black audience to this candidate. I'm firmly an undecided voter. Let me update that a little. I am 100% firmly in the NEVER Hillary camp. After that, I have not determined what I will do. I mentioned the visit to the black church only to point out the media manipulation going on. Even those who showed the warm reception found ways to criticize him for even being there. I do hope you are aware of this blatant bias in coverage. If not, follow that crowd you see over on the edge of the cliff. I think they have their chosen leader and are looking for folks anxious to jump. Just me. My view, as in The View From Here.

This form of reporting is not new. You just have to learn to spot it. The other day I heard an interview of an author who has written a biographical depiction of one of America's earliest and most damaging international spies. This was from back in the 1930's and it continued through WWII. I'll not go into the details about how this spy along with his wife were responsible for the deaths of thousands because I want to share a little about how they introduced this man. He was brilliant. Harvard educated. He was idealistic. He joined the US State Department. As he continued his work he began to realize how unfair America was in that many of her citizens were not being treated equally. The interviewer and the author spent ten minutes talking about how America essentially caused this brilliant man to become disallusioned. It was as if it was our nation's fault that he turned to communism as an alternative. And, it was somewhat of a stroke of bad luck on his part that Joseph Stalin, the ruthless despot, ended up being the beneficiary of his spying. My point? In my opinion, we had all better pay attention. This blame America for any and all things is one of the ways the liberal media attempts to sell their brand of political thought. Just like the advertisers that buy time, the liberal media has something to sell as well. Okay. I know most probably don't have that much interest in this type of analysis, but, it was of interest to me, and now you get to exercise your right to skip or delete. In the meantime, I will continue to be on the alert, and I will also be ready to meet again, come next Monday morning. Lord willing. Until then, may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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