Monday, August 22, 2016

"Whoopi-ty-aye-oh Rockin` to and fro Back in the saddle again Whoopi-ty-aye-yay I go my way Back in the saddle again..." 'Back in the Saddle Again' by Gene Autry

Good Monday morning and welcome. It's August 22, 2016, and I am b-a-a-a-c-k! So to speak. I am happy to report that when I showed up this morning I discovered that I still have a workstation and my computer still works. We had ourselves a remarkable ten-day break, including weekends. I'm not sure whether I should be pleased that so many people thought I needed a break, but we certainly were blessed with the time we were allowed to enjoy. I did something yesterday that was a great challenge. I was asked to bring a message at a memorial service for a 44-year-old man who had taken his own life. He was a cousin of our youngest son's wife and I struggled with what to say. At the end of the day, I only had one message to the 150 gathered to mourn his passing, and that was to bring comfort from God, not from me, from His Holy Word, directed to the living. As I say, it was a very challenging experience but God helped me through it and gave me the word that I believe He would want those who attended to hear. I ask that you would please say a prayer for this family as they make their way forward in dealing with this tragic loss. I so much appreciate those in my Sunday morning Bible Study, for my sweet wife, and others who were interceding on my behalf as they became a part of this ministry of helping those dealing with such great grief.

We covered quite a bit of territory during our time off but we mostly enjoyed being together. We were always in close quarters and for the most part, we were able to not get on each others nerves. For the most part. There's always those moments but I'm glad to report they were few and far between. When we returned home last Saturday afternoon the wife immediately set about making a huge pot of homemade stew. We had some great meals while we were away but there's nothing like getting back to home cooked meals. She had asked me what I preferred and I told her whatever she chose would be perfect. And, it was perfect, along with a big pone of homemade iron skillet cornbread. That reminds me. I gave my diabetic blood checking device a week off and I now need to reengage his services. Eating out as much as we did might have caused him to go into some kind of panic. You do know I am kidding. Right? We will really never know. My instinct says the numbers would have been significantly above my normal, but, it is now time to get back on a more disciplined program.

It may take me a day or two to get my moorings but I am thankful for all the blessings God has provided. Some people think Christians have mostly a happy go lucky experience in life. I am sorry to disappoint, but that is not how it has worked in my life, and that's not how it is working even as I write today's edition. We, as believers, always have people and situations that burden our hearts and minds. However, we know that God knows and He can be counted on. His promises can be depended upon because they are HIS promises and we have His word on it. We are a needy people living in a needy world. No election is going to solve the greatest issue we all face. That is to know and walk with God. I do have one confession to make. That lady voice that told us where and how to go, well, she, along with the GPS satellite, utilizing the wife's smartphone, did get us to where we were going. That lady voice did get on my nerves, more than once, but, we did make our destinations. When we were locating the school where our granddaughter was playing volleyball in Allen, TX, that lady voice carried us through this neighborhood and that neighborhood, but, as we came to the end of our journey the wife proudly announced, "Look, it's the school, just like we were told." Okay. So, I was a doubter, but, I think I did detect a condescending tone a time or two, but, I confess, the lady voice knew what she was doing. I've said it and now it is time to move on. Have a great rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. .....More later.

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