Wednesday, August 17, 2016

“I have left orders to be awakened at any time during national emergency, even if I'm in a cabinet meeting.” ― Ronald Reagan

Good afternoon. Thanks for tuning in for today's edition being broadcast from somewhere on the other side of Dallas. Today is Wednesday, August 17, 2016. I know you will likely hear me talk about the threescore and ten moniker more than you might have anticipated. It's been interesting. Last Friday I showed up for my physical, the last one as a 69 year old. As I conversed with my doctor, all was well. He wished me a happy 70th and then he began to talk about some of the changes in medical care as we go forward. He talked about some of the procedures he will no longer be doing. He threw in some talk about the elderly and how that healthcare is to a great extent based on risk reward. I was pretty much reeling by that time. Then, he called in the nurse and told her to give me my pneumonia shot since it was time. He patted me on the hand and said it should be the last one I will ever have to take. Do what? All I could think of was that scene where Scrooge tells those collecting for the needy that they should just die and get rid of the surplus population. Then, on my birthday, we drove approximately 300 miles to attend a memorial service. Sure, the lady was 92 and had a wonderful testimony, but, while I knew I was in the last quarter of my version of the game of life, I wasn't thinking I was close to the two minute warning. On our way back we found a place to eat off of I-20 at the Marshall, Texas exit. A long-in-the-tooth Golden Corral. When I was told the price, it seemed low. We had showed up in time to get the big discount for Senior's early buffet. That did it! I felt like demanding to pay full price, (but it didn't). I had thought 70 was going to be something. And, believe me, thus far, it's that and much more. But, I'm glad you can laugh and hopefully I'll catch up with my own laughing soon. Have a great rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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