Thursday, August 18, 2016

Checking in.

Good morning out there in the wonderful world where bits and bytes fly around in an effort to pass themselves off as having influence and meaning. It's Thursday, August 18, 2016, and I am glad to report that I'm still able to drag my seventy year old bones around. After all I've experienced in what is this new uncharted waters for me, I'm beginning to get used to knowing that from here on I will have folks running ahead of me to open doors and help me to my seat. You do know that I am kidding. I knew something was up when they sent me a new gold card. It was a social security card. Now that is a joke. The George W. Bush Presidential Center was interesting but having been to his dad's, George H. W., at Texas A&M, and multiple times to the LBJ Library in Austin, well, we both thought this newest one was not quite as impressive. But, it was worth the visit. They do have some of the nicest folks who voluntarily interact as you tour around and do their best to engage you with the exhibits being viewed. By now some of you have seen my photo with the Community Coffee truck. That was a pretty neat highlight. It was parked just outside of the Presidential property. It's good to know that the Bush library folks know real coffee when they see it. We have a day of this, that, and the other planned as we continue our little time away from the real world. We are really enjoying our time together. We've had a few close calls especially as we have depended on her smart phone GPS directions to get us to our targeted destination. Sometimes that voice, sounds like a lady, tends to get on my nerves. I especially don't like it when she tells me to turn around and go back because I missed the correct turn. Imagine that! Take care and may God bless. Amen. ....More later.

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