Monday, August 8, 2016

Before you quote from The Book, it's best to know what it really says.

Good morning and welcome back to where I pretty much cover a whole lot of stuff, from the mind-boggling to the mundane. Thanks for showing up here on this Monday, August 8, 2016. I've written before about The Go Fund Me fundraising page. We have used it several times. There are some pretty weird pages set up on that website. One was from a young lady trying to raise funds to go to Las Vegas. She desperately needed to be there with her girlfriends because it was Vegas fight week and the prices for airfare and hotel were out of sight. She was only asking for $1500. No, thank you. Another fellow named his page 'Tired of Being Broke'. He was asking for $2500. No, thank you. Then they have this guy who is asking for help in raising $10,000 to help him buy designer clothes. No, thank you. They go on and on. One wanted a down payment on a jet airplane. One lady wanted help with some plastic surgery. Some of these may have been attempts to be funny but most of them had some donations. Maybe these are folks who read the verse that says, "You don't have because you don't ask.," and they decided to use Go Fund Me as a way of asking. (James Chapter 2) However, they might want to read the whole passage because it goes on to say that when you do ask, you do so with the wrong motivations, you ask amiss. Bingo! I think we have found a winner on that one.

We've all heard about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That American lady who was stabbed to death on a London street last week is an amazing example. She was in the UK for the summer with her husband, a professor, where he was teaching summer classes. What appears to have been a random attack by a mentally disturbed man took her life and injured several other people. Those injured included people from Australia, Spain, Israel, and Britain. Random. Wrong place at the wrong time. I rode out a couple of hurricanes in my office in downtown Houston. I believe the incident I wrote about was from 1980 during Hurricane Allen. Here's a report from the blog I published on February 11, 2011:  "It reminded me of that time I rode out a hurricane in the high rise in the huge metro downtown. That storm caused many windows to be broken out, not necessarily from the wind, but from the debris flying around. I thought about how that just a few blocks from the building where I worked, a fellow, a lawyer trying to get home, crossed the street and was hit in the head by some metal object, killing him instantly." Wrong place at the wrong time. I'm not attempting to put a damper on our day, but, the reality is that any of us have the same potential to meet the end of our time here on earth, without warning, and it might just be said that we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've often thought about that lawyer fellow. One step faster or one step slower and he may have dodged that projectile, but, it became his time to go to his reward. What's the point? Be ready, my friend, be ready. Me too!

I will soon be 70 years old, however, I can still find myself in exactly the position of the child caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. The other day I was home alone. I fixed myself a sandwich like a good boy. The thought hit me that perhaps I could enjoy a dessert, for a change. I fetched me one of those individual boxes of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla from the freezer. I did not purchase them. I thought I might be helping by making sure it was consumed before its use by date. Another thought came to me. I bet it would be even better with some Hersheys Chocolate Syrup poured on top. I did not purchase the chocolate syrup, but, it is supposed to be an accessory, before, during, and after the fact. I got it all ready and I tasted the first couple of bites when the garage door opened. I hoped against hope that it might be one of those airplanes flying by that accidentally sent a signal, but, it wasn't that. I had to make a decision. What to do? A lot of thoughts ran through my mind. Throw it away or stand my ground. The back door opened. I already knew what was coming, "What in the world do you think you are doing?" I mumbled something about how that it shouldn't be that big of a deal since I rarely ever do it. She said something about the missing Lil Debbie Swiss Rolls. I did finish my dessert, but, I also felt a little guilty. I did offer her an explanation. I was being honest. I told her that I fully intended to finish it before she got back to the house. I was thinking about her feelings. Never forget that I am thankful she is concerned about my diabetic condition. I will try to do better. I think I need to try and figure out where those Swiss Rolls are going. Take care and may God bless each one. Amen. ...More later.

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