Friday, August 19, 2016

Our little time away will soon be over.

That's our Lexie on the right.
Hello folks and welcome to Friday, August 19, 2016. Given the immediate access to all things digital, we have been able to keep up with most everything going on back in our neck of the woods via smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop. I now have all my tests back from my annual physical, reported online, and essentially the doctor pretty much said that I should find something new to complain about. That's my interpretation of his remarks. My diabetes is well controlled, according to him. The only area he pointed out was a slightly elevated triglycerides number which he attributed to diet. He will not leave my Louisiana fried food diet alone! At any rate, I come away with a feeling of being blessed because God alone is the ultimate provider for all our needs. We are off and running today to travel to Allen, Texas where our granddaughter Lexie is playing in a high school volleyball tournament. We hope to catch one or two of her games. I do hope you have a great weekend and Sunday will find you in the place where God is sought after and praised. I'll do my best to be back in my regular place come next Monday. May God bless is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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