Tuesday, August 23, 2016

“The best times we’ve had on earth are usually with those we love.” ― Van Harden, Author

Uncle Waymon, yours truly, Aunt Elwanda
CyFalls High School girls volleyball team, with Santa
The pertinent question when one returns is: What did you do on your vacation? That's one I'm thinking about on this Tuesday, August 23, 2016. We left our area on Sunday, August 14, and took our own good time in driving north of Dallas to Plano. On Monday morning we dropped in on my Aunt Elwanda and Uncle Waymon. They are both in their early 90's. When I was a kid they invested their time into my life and I've always made them aware they have had a significant role in who I am today. On Monday afternoon we visited with my sister JoAnn and later had dinner with her at a local restaurant. We did a lot of reminiscing about the good-old and the not-so-good-old days. We were torn about trying to make a memorial service for a lady in Louisiana who has been more like family to us for well over 50 years. She passed away on Sunday and her service was Tuesday. She was the mother-in-law to the wife's sister. This lady's daughter was driving the pickup truck with about five girls in the cab the night I came face to face with my destiny. That 'destiny' girl sitting on the passenger side took both my breath and my heart away. Face to face. The rest, nearly 55 years later is still being played out as I speak. To go or not to go. That was the question. We decided to do our best to make the service. Up at 3 a.m. Tuesday, the 16th, my 70th birthday, we drove literally through some unbelievable rainstorms but we made did make the service. Barely. It was a wonderful tribute to a lady who had well lived her 92 plus years. We returned to Plano Tuesday evening, a total of 9 hours of driving. On Wednesday, we toured the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the Campus grounds of SMU. It was interesting but, to us, not as impressive as George H. W. and even the LBJ Library. We relocated from Plano to out near Grapevine, Texas. On Thursday we toured that little place which has one of those restored downtown areas filled up with little shops selling down-home and homemade products, mostly imported from India, China, Taiwan, and other far-flung places. On Friday we moved again to Allen, TX, where we spent the day watching our granddaughter's high school team play volleyball. At the end of their third game, our daughter-in-law asked the girls to pose for a photo with Santa. Now that photo with the CyFalls high school team was not only a keeper but it's also a real joy. On Saturday we made our way through intermittent heavy rain storms back to our neck of the woods, our stomping grounds, the homestead, our version of home, sweet home. On Sunday I was back in my place teaching my Bible study class and in the afternoon it was my privilege to bring a short devotional at a memorial service. Busy, but all and all, it was a time of refreshing and relaxation. And, we are thankful. Amen.

After my salvation, at 70, these are my second greatest blessing.
I did have a great birthday. The Saturday before we left we had 18 of us meet up at a restaurant to celebrate me making to 70. It was a wonderful time. The folks in the eatery slipped up behind me and put the proverbial sombrero on my head, without me knowing it, and they began singing and the wait staff lady put the whipped cream on my nose. Okay. I had no choice but to go along. Many of you know that something like that is not my cup of tea. However, the family got a big kick out of it and I can only say how blessed I felt to have that group there with me to mark the occasion. I do appreciate the gifts and the cards they gave to me. This past Sunday morning my Bible study class surprised me with a birthday greeting. They gave me a Keurig along with a couple of boxes of my favorite flavor of Community Coffee. That unit will go in my upstairs office where I can enjoy cup after cup, without having to come back downstairs, while doing my lessons and other stuff. Their card was so very special. Such wonderful comments. Way too kind. But, what a blessing to have people show their love and respect. I'm way more blessed than I deserve, and no one knows that more than I. I think that's enough, not only for today but for several, however, I will likely see you come tomorrow morning, Lord willing, of course. May God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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