Tuesday, August 9, 2016

“I wouldn’t go so far as to call us soul mates, but anyone who saw us would!” – Max, the dog from 'The Secret Life of Pets' movie

I was off last Friday and that gave me a three day weekend. Just the wife and I. Nobody but us. We actually enjoyed doing mostly nothing. Well, I did mostly nothing, and she did less than she would have done had I not been underfoot. I'm thinking some about the future, as in retirement, as I embrace this day, Tuesday. August 9, 2016. We did walk the mall on Friday and Saturday. I believe that is a legal requirement for old people in our ZIP code. I noticed while at the mall we most likely could have had an impromptu meeting of the White Haired Lives Matter movement. We ate breakfast at McDonalds on Friday and at I-Hop on Saturday. I worked up my lesson and the printed handout for this past Sunday and went ahead and did the one for when we return from vacation for our Bible study on August 21. I thought we might go and see a movie. I looked at all those showing in our area and it looked like the new Star Trek flick was the most highly rated. Other than Dory and I didn't really want to see that one. I told her about the Star Trek movie and shared that it was in 3-D. She doesn't care for 3-D. It makes her queasy. She asked if I thought a whole lot of stuff would be flying towards her. I told her that my guess is that she couldn't even imagine the amount of stuff flying towards her. So, we ditched that idea. (I remembered our sample cruise where she was laid up in her bunk the entire time.) That was Friday. On Saturday, we revisited the idea and struck a compromise. "The Secret Life of Pets." We don't have pets and really didn't have that much interest. The reviews were reasonable and I thought we could use a laugh or two. The theater we went to did have those reclining seats. The place ended up being almost full. Mostly little guys with their parents. I enjoyed them enjoying the movie. There's nothing like hearing little children laughing. The wife dozed off. I share this because this weekend might just be a preview for our Retirement 101 brochure that we will have to prepare soon.

I am looking forward to being off next week. Me being gone was a brief topic of discussion in our Sunday morning Bible study. They jokingly wondered if I had permission to be away from Church. The consensus was that if anyone needed a vacation, it was me. I appreciate that. And, I know they could use a break. From me. Hearing the same teacher every week, with very few interruptions, for so many years, well, it will likely do us all good. I do have some fiercely loyal supporters of my efforts to share God's Word. I would like to think they support the truth being set forth more than the one presenting it. When it is all said and done, teaching is a gift given by God and when I am pursuing it as He would have me to, it accomplishes His purpose, and that is to hear from Him and to grow our faith and build us up in the calling He has for each of our lives. I am humbled by the privilege of putting together lessons each week, reflecting God's method of bringing about growth in the lives of those who are His own. I am often reminded of my own inadequacies but reassured by the All-Sufficiency of God's Holy Word. As my grandfather might have put it, "Use it often because it's good for whatever ails you." Amen.

Katie Ledecky
I noticed the number one searched item this past Sunday on Google was the bicycle wreck at the Olympics by the Dutch female rider. Number one? I suppose people still want to see a wreck. The good news is that she is in the hospital recovering and is expected to be okay. We have caught some of the Olympic competitions here and there. They are being broadcast on NBC's main channel along with up to four of their cable outlets. Because they now also have the NASCAR coverage, they have made it somewhat difficult to catch up with the races since it could be on any number of channels. I get it. The Olympics are bigger. In fact, the Olympics themselves was the number two most searched item. We saw the US swimmer Katie Ledecky in the trials. The woman finishing behind her in the trials had a most wonderful comment. She said, "I actually got close enough to see her feet." This past Sunday evening, Katie won the gold in the 400m freestyle, beating her closest competitor by 5 seconds. She smashed her own world record. Five seconds! That's the equivalent of a NASCAR driver winning the race with every other driver one or more laps down. I don't know that much about swimming competitions. But, it is an amazing thing to see someone like this young woman do what she does with those competing with her just hoping to get a glimpse of her feet. Who said I couldn't do play by play? I know. The NASCAR analogy has some of you stymied. That's okay. I did find where they hid it. It was on the USA Network Cable Feed. Have a great rest of the day and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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