Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Christmas can't be far away." ~ song recorded by the late, great, country crooner, Eddy Arnold

Amanda Faith and Alesha Camille
We send out a very special birthday greeting to our twin granddaughters, Alesha and Amanda. They become 18-year-olds today! We thank God for these girls and we look forward to all that He has planned as they continue their education this fall and as they find His will for their lives going forward. May God continue to bless is our prayer. Our love, MiMi and Poppy
Good morning and welcome back to Christmas in July. I admit I'm typically running late because it's already Thursday, August 4, 2016. I haven't said much about my alter ego, The Santa guy, lately. But, I still get recognized and I still pass out a few cards here and there. When we were in a restaurant one morning a lady came over with her little one and apologized for interrupting but said she had to do something since he was convinced that I was Santa. I told her it wasn't his fault. There I was, wearing a red shirt, red cap, and wearing green suspenders. What was the little dude to think? I gave them one of my cards and wished them well. Here the other day a little girl who knows us well from when they used to go to Church with us had some interesting thoughts. She volunteered that she knew I was not the real Santa but I was his helper, therefore, in her way of seeing it, I was officially connected. I always like it when children explain things. They usually make so much more sense than their parents. In fact, even when I am sitting in the chair and a child asks me a question, I've learned that it might go better if I ask them, "Well, what do you think?" Many times they are then off to the races with their fanciful imaginations. There are always a few skeptics in the bunch. I often tell the story about a couple of young lads who came up and informed me they had been studying me and had figured out exactly how my beard was attached to my face. They thought they could point to where the glue held it on. I listened to their story and then invited them to have a go at a gentle tug, one on one side, and the second little guy on the other side. Needless to say, their little investigation fell apart, and they left with big eyes and some head scratching. I've been listening to some Christmas music now and then, just to begin the process of beginning to begin to get ready. It takes quite a lot of that to get me even started down that road again. Don't worry. It will come. It may have to wait until that first kid is sat in my lap, but, it will come.

Here's the latest from the political front. We have one candidate who has recently been clearly shown to be outright lying about the lying they have done in the past. As a result, they were awarded Four Pinocchios from the Washington Post fact checkers who typically lean left. Them. Not me. We have the other candidate who seems to think it is okay to attack the parents of a war hero killed in combat defending the values of our nation. I don't care where they originated, the color of their skin, or their political affiliation or beliefs. That's just stupid. I don't know how stupid it is, but if it was on a list, it would have to be near the top. I recently had a bout with food poisoning that was the worst I have ever experienced. I was literally up all night. Literally. In fact, the wife was very unhappy with me because I came on to work the next morning. I was only following my own advice. Get up and go because you just might begin to feel better. I did just that and I did begin to feel better. Paw Paw Mac would have been proud of me. I tell you that little story only to illustrate the feeling I get when I see these political shenanigans unfolding before my very eyes. Stomach churning and doubled over in pain. Thank God He knows what will come out of all of this because I can't even think about thinking about how it might turn out.

In case you missed it, that little part about God knowing all about it just happens to be our only hope. It's been a week since I had that little food poisoning episode and I still feel like I was in a car wreck. It feels like my insides have been worked over with a tire tool. And, my little diabetic testing meter has been working overtime just trying to keep up with the numbers since that little event. At the end of next week, I will be going for my annual physical. The electronic form where I made the appointment gave an opportunity for comments regarding my upcoming visit. I put the following: Annual Physical, Diabetic Check-up, and New Developments. I've not put comments before but I thought I would give the doctor something to look forward to. You might want to sit down for this one. They have established that some people do suffer from an ailment called, Election Stress Disorder. I read a piece about this affliction in an online edition of Psychology Today. It has something to do with working up strong emotional feelings that confuse and stress the tensions between the Toddler Brain and the Adult Brain. Really? That could account for some of my problems. My Toddler Brain might be the culprit. Maybe that's why I often want to find a place where I can't see people and because I can't see them I think they can't see me. But, I might want to wait for my doctor. Please don't warn him ahead of time. He likely has his own stress disorder in dealing with me. You do know that's a joke. Well, it's almost a joke. Maybe it's a near miss of a joke. Okay. I've done enough for one day. Do your best to focus on the part about God knowing it all and the fact that we can always rely on Him. Amen. ....More later.

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