Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Welcome to Pet Peeve Wednesday

People Who Never Shut Up and Talk Over You Constantly, take a breath already ~ People Who Are Always Interrupting ~ Animal Cruelty ~ Unflushed/Messy Public Toilets ~ When People Copy a Really Good Idea of Yours and Get Credit for It ~ People Who Don't Know About Personal Space ~ Rude People ~ Parents Letting Their Toddlers Scream and Scream and Scream and Ignoring Them ~ People Who Don't Cover Their Cough/sneeze ~ Chewing with your mouth open ~ Someone Who Always Finds Something to Complain About ~ People Who Won't Respect Your Opinion Just Because It Doesn't Match Theirs ~ People Who Think Their Overly Annoying Children Are the Cutest Little Angels ~ Driving too slow in the fast lane ~ Cutting in line ~ When Someone Tells You They Will Take Care of It and Doesn't Follow Through ~ Really Bad Body Odor ~ Stopping in the middle of a crowded hallway ~ Parking a car across two spaces ~ Talking during the movie ~ Talking With Mouth Full ~ People Acting Like There Hurt or Sad Just to Get Attention. ~Welcome to pet peeve Wednesday, August 9, 2017. Those were the top ones listed by the Ranker website. If you can't find one on that list, you probably can make your own. Ranker claims to have the definitive ranking on just about everything imaginable. (It really agitates me when they make claims like that.)

They had plenty of others on their compiled list. I think we all know there are two sides to this coin. The one where we are annoyed and the one we might not think as much about, the one where we are the one doing the annoying. Thanks. I needed that whether anyone else did or not. What's most interesting to me is how I find myself getting steamed over something and within a short period of time I get hit up side the head because I find myself doing the exact same thing. Oh, but it is different when I did it. I had my reasons. See what I mean? Where's a police officer when you really need one? If I knew the number I'd call a tow truck and have that car towed. The nerve of some people. Yep. HOWEVER, when the shoe is on the other foot, we, don't exactly see it the same way. I was in a huge hurry. I have a deadline to meet. It was only going to be for a minute or less. Blah, Blah, Blah. Here's a legitimate peeve I can share. I'm trying to adjust to my new added diabetic medicine, therefore, I brought a one each Little Debbie Swiss Roll, just in case. I then said to myself, Self, you should probably check out the little cake to make sure it will work. I opened the little plastic and all the icing, (translated: the good stuff), was glued to the plastic leaving only a shrunk up miniature piece left. That's what heat and humidity do. And, that just burns me up. However, it may be a good thing since I only ate a half and as it turned out, it was only a facsimile of its former self. 

Swiss Roll Disaster: Portrait of a 'Bad Day'
Please don't send me a list of those above that you think I am guilty of.  Please. Those kinds of things really hack me off. Just kidding. I think I've beat myself up enough for one day. And, consider the trauma I suffered in that little cake incident. That's enough to ruin any one's day. Don't think for a moment that I am unaware of what some of you are doing as you read my sad story. That's right. I know. You are doing that thing with your finger on your thumb playing the world's smallest record player with a version of, "My Heart Cries for You." No. I am not claiming to be clairvoyant. I finally found something to be proud of this morning. I actually spelled clairvoyant correctly. I prefer not to see the spell checker acting like Redd Foxx on 'Sandford and Son' when he was having one of his purported custom made heart attacks. "Elizabeth, honey, I'm coming to see you." I don't mind the spell checker pointing out my mistakes. I just do not care for the snickering. Another thing I am thankful for today is that God knows all about everything that we have to do with. We don't pray to inform Him of anything, we pray because He has invited us to come directly into His throne room based on the finished work of His Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Now that is something that will make us all feel better as we face this day. Amen.   .....More later.

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