Tuesday, August 1, 2017

" Personal space refers to an area with invisible boundaries surrounding a person's body into which intruders may not come." ~ Robert Sommer

Today is Tuesday, August 1, 2017, where I think I've figured out a way to shorten the time it takes for someone to gain their medical license. "You might want to consider diet and exercise as a way of helping to deal with some of these issues." I could have come up with that one. At any rate, I did have a good visit with my doctor. He is a great guy and the wife and I appreciate his personal care for us over these past number of years. We now await the verdict from the extensive blood work that he ordered. He said I would see him again, either sooner, on a three-month return, or later, for a six-month checkup, depending on what the labs say. The young woman who drew several vials of blood was very much in the plus sized category. I'm not saying anything negative so just hold on a minute. People who are larger like her, they tend to lean into your space. I don't like people touching me with their presence in that way. It makes me uncomfortable. No wonder my blood was gushing into those vials, it knew I needed to get up and get some fresh air. Exaggerated on purpose, but it is not made up. You will note that I was not being condescending because I did not preface my thoughts with the proverbial, "Bless her heart." I don't care who it is, the dentist, the doctor, or Little Lord Fauntleroy himself, I'm not interested in trying to synchronize my breathing. I think you get the picture. If not, you have my permission to skip it because it really has no bearing on anything that I can think of.

I did see a lady who was at the medical facility for lab work. I saw her scrubbing on the door handle as she exited the lab space. She hollered out to one of the technicians, "Just trying to make sure the stomach virus I had doesn't get spread." "It was a real doozy over the weekend." I'm so glad she was concerned enough to disinfect the things she touched, however, I'm not sure I needed that extended explanation. I was still trying to catch my breath from the blood draw. If I were to be going by the Burkeville mall again anytime soon, well, I would have something to tell those folks. I would first need to give my condolences to the family of Old Pete, but, with the stories I've picked up since being there the other day, I'm sure they would want to know. If you are lost with this connecting of some dots, don't feel bad, it has something to do with the previous day's blog. Don't worry about it. The one yesterday wasn't so good either. I actually didn't think about writing about these experiences when I first saw them, but, since they do fit the narrative of what I deal with each day, I decided to share them.

I do concern myself with trying to make sure my daily visits don't end up being mundane and/or mediocre. I've written many times about never wanting my stuff to end up under the umbrella labeled the mendacity of mediocrity. I really didn't pay that much attention to what was being said here, it was more intended as an excuse for me to use all of those 'm' words that were flying around my noggin. I do like me some mendacity of mediocrity as descriptions. They may not appeal to me quite as much as using the word discombobulated but they are near the top. Okay. I've wearied us all with today's word train wreck, and that includes me, myself, and I. This means I should say, "Goodnight now, Gracie." And, that might well apply if someone is reading this in Australia. The question would then be whether they are already reading yesterday's blog, tomorrow. Tricky stuff, those time zones, tricky indeed! Take care. Enjoy. Be thankful. Give God the glory. See you next time. Amen. ....More later.

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