Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Stephen Colbert eviscerates Donald Trump in vulgar, insult-laden network TV rant." ~ Headline from The Blaze, a conservative website

Please do not attempt to adjust your set. The problem is with the broadcaster. In case you were wondering, that would be me. Thanks for tuning in today where I will do my best to add my reflections and commentary on this, that, or the other. I don't know if it's a cornucopia or a smorgasbord but it typically does throw out a variety of different items to choose from. That's right. You can choose. If don't like a particular paragraph, skip it. If you don't like a particular blog, shut it down, delete it, and, if you are really angry, print it out and stomp on it. Please don't send me a video of you stomping on my blog because you know how sensitive I am. (You remember what happened when they put a video out of that fellow burning a certain religious book.) That's a joke, here on this Tuesday, May 9, 2017. I will say this. The saying, 'haters gonna hate' is certainly becoming a part of the fabric of today's culture. The hatred for our current President is somewhat unprecedented when you consider the level of vulgarity being used in the media today. I'm not talking about social media where the 'wackos' reign supreme. I'm talking about major commercial networks allowing their so called stars to pump sewage out into the airwaves in their remarks regarding President Trump. It goes beyond anything I've seen in my 70 plus years of sojourn here on the planet. Free speech, notwithstanding, it's a sad day in our nation's history to see this level of beyond-the-pale coarseness as it dominates the so-called mainstream providers of entertainment.

Some sociologists applaud this gutter type of discourse and proffer how it's a grown up world. Really? I suppose they think exposing children to all of this is a good thing. Not me. Let me be clear. It's not a good thing for adults either. We have God's word on it. In writing a Holy Spirit inspired letter (Epistle) to the local called out assembly (Church) meeting in Ephesus, Greece, the Apostle Paul had this to say: "Neither should there be vulgar speech, foolish talk, or coarse jesting--all of which are out of character--but rather thanksgiving." (Chapter 5, Verse 4, as rendered in the NET Bible.) That was written to believers and we must take the lead in making sure our talk is in keeping with the calling of our faith. That includes how we publish our criticisms and the other forms of sharing we do in the online world. I mention again how often I see folks put stuff up they didn't write and they are filled with comments demonstrating racially charged, vulgar, and other crude insinuations. But they didn't write it. They just passed it on. If I pass it on, I take ownership of the comments and I am responsible for them. It's as simple as that. My thought is this: When it is in doubt, Don't! You didn't think I wouldn't have some thoughts on this subject, did you?

I'm not being holier than thou on this subject. I'm sure I've said some things, passed on some things and quoted from some sources that in retrospect I would rather I had not. However, I can learn. You can learn. We all can learn. Dismissing all forms of decency will take us somewhere. I don't think it's a place any of us want to end up in. Okay. I think I've hacked my way through today's topics and maybe I will do better the next time we meet. Maybe. It's like that box of chocolates that Forrest talked about. You just never know what you might get. (And, one more time, I haven't watched that movie, but, that saying has become pretty much a part of the common vocabulary.) Here are a few inspirational thoughts to finish today's edition: ~ "Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow." - Unknown ~ "You always have a place to run to. That place is God." ~ unattributed ~  "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." - unattributed ~ Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and may our Great God add His blessings to it. Amen. ....More later.

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