Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Age can be very important, especially if you are cheese." ~ copied

Today I am thinking about what it means to get older. Sure. It's on my mind a lot these days. At the time of my birth, they estimated I would make it to just under 65 years. Having made it to 70, the new expectation is set at 82 years, on average. I'm thankful for whatever the Lord determines because He never makes a mistake. I do. He doesn't. When I talk about getting older I'm actually not so much focused on these actuarial projections. I'm mostly thinking here on this Wednesday, May 10, 2017, about some of the funny things older people do. The other day when I was at the hospital visiting my mom I went to take a break and I got turned around. You know. As in not knowing exactly where I was. I finally came around a corner and dead-ended into a nursing supervisor's office. She was sitting behind her desk. I backed up. She had a very sweet voice, "Sir, I will be happy to help you." I replied, "No thank you." I turned to go back the way I had come, whichever way that was. As I was leaving I heard her say a little louder, "No, really, I want to help you." I have no idea why but I blurted out, "I'm sorry ma'am, but that train left the station a long time ago." I don't even know where that came from but I heard her laughing and I chuckled to myself as well. I suppose as long as one can laugh at oneself, it either means they are off a little, or they enjoy when the joke is on them. For now, I am going to plead guilty to both counts, aggravated and premeditated. Why not? And, I am unanimous in my judgment on that one.

I do have some news from mom and dad. I started to say some sad news but I can't bring myself to do that, since, God has so blessed us all with the many years that mom has enjoyed. Essentially, the medical folks have done all they can for mom. The only way forward from their viewpoint would be to sustain her life artificially with little prospect for her to recover or have any quality of life. Therefore, in consultation with dad and other family members, the decision has been made to take her home with hospice support to keep her comfortable while she awaits her promotion into the presence of her Lord and Savior. There is sadness involved but at the same time, we are overwhelmed by God's giving to us both mom and dad. Dad is hurting. Because of mom's situation. And, physically, as he continues to deal with the extreme pain from his back condition. We have no idea about the timing here. It is in God's hands. We trust Him to see us all through this and may we praise Him for His faithfulness throughout this journey. As for mom, well, she will soon be in a better place and will achieve the end of her faith. When she goes it will not be goodbye because I know I will see her again. I have God's Word on it. Amen.

I can hear her saying these very words, "I don't know how people face all the troubles in this life without the Lord." That's how she faced up to more challenges than many have in many lifetimes. I remember when her dad, Paw Paw Mac passed away back in 1971, I was in the hallway and I heard mom back in the bedroom singing. She wasn't a singer but she was belting out the words to Paw Paw's favorite song as a prayer to God, "Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand But I know who holds tomorrow And I know who holds my hand." She considered me to be her special Bible scholar to whom she could pose her many questions. Many that she asked were way over my rank and pay grade but I always tried to give her some encouragement from The Scriptures. I see those times spent talking about God and His Word as great times of fellowship between us and also a sweet memory. When I would tell her what I thought that she didn't really like, she would say in a very sarcastic tone, "Well, thank you very much, Brother." All good. Now, as a family, we seek the God we talked about so many times, and we petition Him for His grace, mercy, and lovingkindness. We know we can always count on Him. Amen.    ...More later.

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