Monday, May 16, 2016

“Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘Blog’ is a fool’s errand.” ~ Michael Coniff, Technology Marketing Manager

It's time to get ourselves switched to 'productive mode' for this upcoming work week. That's right. We are at it again, already, beginning with today, Monday, May 16, 2016. Last week marked my 9th year since I began throwing words onto the electronic page. Believe it or not, my first few were pretty brief. Then I more or less got myself warmed up. For many of the early years I wrote five paragraphs and sometimes six a day. I typically now do about three each day. Over 2300 daily visits and a whole lot of words. I wasn't necessarily early in adopting this method of communication. The credited first blog dates back to 1994. I had thought about it for a while before I started. I remember reading how that huge numbers of people began blogging but a fairly low percentage stayed with it. I didn't want to be in the start but then stop category. It's fairly challenging to come up with something every day. I realize I use the term 'something' as more of a description as opposed to it reflecting substance or quality. I do occasionally go back and sample some of them on a random basis. I can't judge them for their quality since that would be in the 'eye of the beholder', however, I do find a couple of thematic points. They sound like me. And, they are somewhat consistent in how a variety of subjects are handled. The funny parts are still funny. To me. Thanks for traveling along with me on this trip which still has yet to define its final destination. Maybe this time next year on the 10th anniversary I will have figured that out. Maybe.

I've done these long enough to have actually lost a few very dedicated readers. This includes some who have made their final journey home. My all time most devoted reader, my mom, she can't read them anymore. Even with her multiple magnifying glasses, given her failed eyesight, the process is just too tedious. We had to replace her old computer and with the change to newer technology the access hurdles have just been too much for her. She can still do some on Facebook. Even that can be challenging to her. She has trouble managing the mouse pointer because of not being able to see it. Fortunately, I use a remote access utility that allows me to help keep her system working. She can unintentionally create some pretty interesting scenarios. The other day she somehow got the language switched to Portuguese and began connecting up with folks from Brazil. They actually started sending her friend requests. Since everything on her system had been converted to Portuguese, it took me some time to figure out how to get it changed back to English. I had to bring up a language conversion utility so I could figure out which part of the settings to change. I did get it back on track after about 30 minutes. It made for a good laugh. I am so happy that at 92 this activity is something that helps occupy her time and keeps her up to date on things going on in the family.

Last Thursday evening when mom told me about her cancer diagnosis I was immediately overwhelmed with a sense of thankfulness for her and all the years she has been granted by the Lord God of heaven. She was emotional but not downhearted. It was a surprise to her, dad, and to the rest of us. She asked me to contact my sisters because she knew she would probably break down. She then asked if I would voice a prayer for her. I did. In many ways, that request encompasses our faith, our hope, and our assurance. She may still have many days left but the doctor thinks it most likely will spread. I couldn't help but think of the words of our Savior, "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also." (Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Verses 1-3) I also thought about that passage from the Apostle Paul's letter to the Thessalonians where he was inspired to give us this word, "For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him. Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing." (1st Thessalonians, Chapter 5, Verses 9-11) That salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is where true peace can be found. For my mom. For me. For you. Amen. .....More later.

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