Tuesday, May 17, 2016

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” ― George Moore,(1852-1933), Author, 'The Brook Kerith'

Good morning and welcome to this day, Tuesday, May 17, 2016. Last Saturday I ran over to Louisiana to visit mom and dad. They didn't know I was coming. Dad said he pretty much expected me to show up. I greatly enjoyed my visit with these remarkable people. We talked about going out to a little catfish joint near Toledo Bend on my way out of town. Dad and I were outside. Mom made a different decision. She really didn't feel like getting ready to leave the house so she put in to make us a lunch. When I came back in and saw her working on some toasted bread sandwiches, I asked what she thought she was doing. She asked me if I thought she wasn't able to put together a lunch. I saw her over there holding the bread up real close to her eyes so she could see how to spread the mayonnaise. She had the breakfast table set up and ready. Another meal enjoyed with a time of thankful prayer and a sense of God's provision as she, dad, and I enjoyed our time together. I thought about how many times she had prepared my favorite over the years, or Jimmy's, Frances', JoAnn's, Donald's or Kayla's. Like her mom before her, she would fix it and then sit down to watch you enjoy it. She is now wrestling with how to feel based on this recent cancer diagnosis. It's been more of a mental stress as she contemplates how this will all unfold. Her bottom line: One day at a time, with faith in God to see her through, she plans to carry on as normal until she has to make a change. That's not bad theology my friend. Not bad at all. Amen.

I can't remember a time over the past number of years when we've had so many of our dear ones nearing their final departure from this life for their real home. The wife, in particular, has been exceptional in keeping up with a number of folks in our local fellowship who are in a day-by-day situation. I try to do some visiting when I can as well as praying for them every single day. There's one older fellow who is in a nursing home. I've been there many times. I call it a nursing home. They probably have a new name for it these days. He has many physical challenges but is also suffering from dementia. I've mentioned many times how that visiting in a place like that is a sobering experience. Last Sunday we were there and had a good time with him, laughing and carrying on. The trip down the hall to his room makes one very aware of how blessed you are to be a visitor there. Pitiful. Heart, and gut wrenching. I visited with a staff person as we walked down the hall to leave. She had a most wonderful island accent. We talked a little about the plight of those in that facility and I told her, at my age, it's easy to see this as a preview of what might be ahead. She chuckled and said that she thought the wife and I were doing quite well and then she asked our ages. We told her. She added that we were doing quite well indeed. Hey. She had a uniform on. That makes it official. Doesn't it? I'll take encouragement from wherever I can get it. And, thank you very much for your input, dear lady.

Now that we have the two main contenders for the presidency pretty much nailed down, it didn't take long for us to get a preview of what will be coming next. One major national newspaper announced they had assigned 20 full-time reporters to dig up dirt on the Republican presumptive nominee. We do need to be thinking in terms of mud. Mud slinging. Mud wrestling. Mud racing. Mud and more mud. I know you didn't need me to tell you that we are in for scandal-mongering, either at its best, or worst, depending on whether you are throwing the mud or receiving it. By starting it all so early we can all be sure of one thing. We will be sick and tired of being sick and tired by the time this election cycle is concluded. That, for me, may happen sooner rather than later. Okay. I cannot tell a lie. I was sick and tired of this unbelievable mess so long ago I don't even remember when I got that way. If this upcoming election doesn't cause us all to fall on our knees I'm not sure what it will take. They will need new words to describe it, however, since they left bizarre in the dust a long time ago. Do I need to clarify my thoughts on this subject? Good. Thanks for picking it up so quickly. Now it is time to say so long for now and may God bless each one, and may He once again bless our great nation. Amen. .....More later.

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