Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Brithday to our Tiffany who helped us develop into the grandparents we are today!

Great Grand Madi!
Granddaughter Tiffany!
Hello and welcome to Tuesday, April 5, 2016. I send out a special greeting to our first grandchild, Tiffany Marrie, as she celebrates her 28th birthday today. Tiffany has always been such a special part of our lives and we thank God for her. Eldest of three girls born to our Chris and wife Sherrie, she is the mom of our first, and thus far, one and only great-granddaughter Madelyn Joy. Oh! The memories that flood my heart and mind. We were so blessed to be able to meet her and the family this past Sunday evening to share a meal together and to wish her a very happy birthday in person. May God provide is our prayer. Amen.

I love a feel good story. I read about James Houseknecht from Buffalo, New York, and how he recently retired from his day job at age 77. Known as Mr. Jimmy, he was a custodian at the same school, (PreK through 8th Grade), for 57 years. He was beloved. They had a special ceremony and huge numbers of students and former students of all ages showed up to honor this man. He obviously loved his job and he made an impact on those around him. He said the thing that always surprised him was how the kids would see him and would always want their parents to meet him. He couldn't get over them doing that. That little statement right there says a lot. Mr. Jimmy was special to those kids and they were proud of him. In the school in rural Louisiana where I grew up, we had the same kind of folks working there. I well remember the custodians or janitors as they were called at our school. They were people of character and they gave a sense of helping to watch over us. I, for one, believe we need more Mr. Jimmy's in this old world. But, that would be my opinion.

Sometimes my wife surprises me. Well, to tell the truth, she surprises me often but occasionally it's a good surprise. (Don't read anything negative into that, just joking. Mostly. Well, quite a bit. Some.) Last Thursday I came in from my twelve-hour shift away from the homeplace and she had a huge home cooked meal prepared for me. She had fried pork chops, field peas, fried okra and fried green tomatoes, rice and gravy, scratch made cornbread, sliced fresh tomatoes, and iced tea. For dessert, I crumbled up some cornbread and poured a little milk over it. That's my version of a happy meal and walking through that back door made me think I had walked back in time. It may have been the kitchen of my Granny Mac, or my mom, or my mother-in-law. If they ever made a film about my life it would have to include meals like that one. I love food that is so delicious but it's also saturated with memories. What? It doesn't take much for you, does it? You know, I think that is exactly true and it's becoming more so as I get older. While we eat out quite often, I can assure you the most simple of meals prepared at home are typically better to me. The wife tells me that I have become so picky when we eat out. She need only look in the mirror to see why. That meal was so good my blood monitoring kit took the day off the following Friday. Joking only. I think it was 105 or maybe I was listening to 105 that morning, regardless, I'll take that number almost any day. You probably have different food remembrances. I only hope they are as good as the ones I have enjoyed during my sojourn. Have a great rest of the day and may God add His blessings is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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