Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

It's Friday, April 22, 2016, and I bring you greetings from where I am to wherever you happen to be. Tomorrow is a big day in our version of the nuclear family. It's the wife's birthday. I'll not share her age directly but I will say she still looks great for someone who is celebrating her three score and ten minus one birthday. I chose that photo as a way of reminding me of how long I've been blessed to have this lady in my life. (Example: In 1982, I officially had done my best to take care of her longer than her parents.) As they used to say back home, "That girl, she's something else!" And, she was then, and she is now, and so much more. I thank God every day for her and I wish her a most happy birthday along with this tidbit, that, while it may not have originated with me, it certainly is how I see what she means to me, "Baby, you're the greatest!"

Tomorrow is also the celebration of the wedding anniversary for our youngest, Rodney and his wife Mitzi. They will mark 17 years as husband and wife. We thank God for them and for the wonderful family God has given to them, Kyleigh, Lexie, and Brady. May God continue to bless. Happy Anniversary to our children. Our love, mom and dad ~ Amen.

Thinking about birthdays, anniversaries, and marking time, I ran my age through that government longevity calculator again. As of today, on average, people born on my birthday and in my birth year have 15.8 years remaining. On average. What does the on average qualifier tell us? Some live longer. Many live fewer years. Here's how I see it. If I were to make it another 15.8 years as God provides, that's okay with me. If I don't, well, as I sit here being all philosophical, that's okay too. How I will process it all when that day comes for me to sing goodbye world goodbye, I couldn't tell you. However, I do have confidence. Not in my courage or in my ability to deal with whatever might come my way, but, rather, I have confidence in the Lord God of heaven and trust Him to give me the grace to deal with whatever years He grants to me. What should one do with this kind of information? Use it as an additional reminder that our time here on the planet is short and quickly fading. I need, you need, we all need to do our best with God's help to make a positive difference while we have time. Some think any mention of this subject is too morbid to even contemplate. As they say, the last time I checked the death rate is 100%. One thing is clear. Every day that passes brings us one day closer to that time when we will meet the Lord. And, I say Amen to that!

This has been a roller coaster ride of a week for me. Thinking back over the blogs I've written this week, well, they tend to reflect a certain disconnectedness. They've been choppy, at times seemingly incoherent, and perhaps even disjointed. Confessing this allows me to use that favorite assessment word of mine, they've been somewhat discombobulated. I can assure you it was not my intention to try and bamboozle anyone but after it's all said and done, it is me, my stuff, so, what would you expect? As my dear sweet mom likes to quote me when she says, "It is what it is." I know that is certainly not original with me, but it does, in this context, speak the truth. I'm not sure that promising to try and do better will make a lot of difference but I do think a lot about doing better. That should count for something. You do know that I am mostly just joking about all of this because I really do appreciate those who take the time to read what I post each day. Thanks. Now it is on to Saturday. I hope you enjoy a great one. And, then, we have Lord's Day Sunday where we gather together to honor Him. That's always something to look forward to. Take care and may God bless each one is my prayer. Amen. See you next time. ....More later.

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