Monday, August 24, 2015

"We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies." ~Shirley Abbott, Author

The Rawles Clan: Marilyn, Dorothy, Evangelist Bro. Milton, Cleon
I may change my handle to Traveling Man. I felt like doing the Johnny Cash 'I've Been Everywhere Man, I've Been Everywhere.' Not really. But it does seem that way some time. Hello and welcome. It's Monday, August 24, 2015 and I hope you are up and at em on this fine day. Last Saturday we all gathered for a special time of celebration over in Louisiana at the wife's sister's place. It was a day to honor the eldest in their family, Cleon, in recognition of his 80th year. We also threw in a surprise salute to the eldest daughter, Dorothy, who is celebrating her 70th year. They say when you marry you not only marry the woman but you also marry the woman's family. I will say this without any hesitation, I got me one great family as part of our union. Cleon is a man of the earth. He farmed commercially for many years. He served our country in the US Army. He retired as a rural route postal carrier. Probably more than anything else he is a community minded person, a friend to all, and a special neighbor to so many throughout his lifetime. Mom and Dad Rawles laid a good foundation in that boy. Dorothy is an exemplary servant of the Lord. I might add she's been at it throughout her lifetime. Literally. She was given overflowing musical talents that she uses for the Lord and she also actively seeks to pass them on to future generations. Her and the wife are joined at the hip, so much so, that we call them twins born 18 months apart. It was a great day. I feel honored to have been there and I feel honored to be a part of these people's lives. May God bless them all. Amen.

In addition to teaching music at a private Christian academy, Dorothy is also a gifted piano teacher. She typically is in high demand. Many times she has a waiting list. Why? It's really quite simple. The kids that she teaches usually learn how to play the piano. Results my friend, results. That's a principle that works in almost every avenue of life. Why does the company I work for get all the business from certain of our customers even if we may not be the lowest price? They have confidence in what we do. I've been told many times when bidding a project that no matter what we will be the ones doing the work. Results. Why do we listen when people we trust share a recommendation for a service or repair business? We are looking for someone who can get the job done. Bad service and bad results go hand and hand and it seems to be an epidemic that continues to spread. I was telling the wife about this one. I needed to stop by one of the world's largest box stores. Not because I wanted to but mainly because it was on my way home. At the checkout line the lady paying was having trouble getting a form of payment that was acceptable. The fellow in front of me was waiting. I was waiting. The lady was desperately trying to find something. She produced a check and they keyed in the account information on it and it finally went through. I was in a hurry. Next thing we know one of those front of the store walk around people comes up and grabs hold of the young man who was checking us out. She proceeded to loudly tell him the do's and don'ts of punching in and out. Loud. Not even a glance towards those waiting in line. She acted like she was the lord of the rings (as in cash register ringing). She was still barking into the air as she went out of sight. That's one of the main reasons we do our best not to go there as much as we did at one time. Just say'in.

I actually felt sorry for the lady trying all the different forms of payment. She was pretty upset. I would offer her at least one recommendation. Think some about the process. When you are at the checkout typically several things happen. They scan your goods. Then they are ready to process your payment. You should know that. Waiting until everything is scanned and then being told it's time to pay, well, I just think maybe she could have not waited until then to begin the process of going through everything in her purse. Just trying to be helpful here. Nothing more than that. I know. Not everyone thinks the same. But we all can learn. It's especially important if I happen to be third in line behind you. She may not have recognized me. But, there will always be a next time. Right? Okay class, what have we learned today? We learned that you get fidgety and impatient when you have to be in line for too long. I was hoping for something more positive but maybe it will come to you later. Enjoy your day. And, if you don't want to have an experience like the one I described, stay home. Take care and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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