Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Five dollars for one question!" said the woman to the fortune teller. "That's very expensive, isn't it?" "Next question please!" (copied)

Good morning and welcome. It's Wednesday, August 11, 2015, and I bid you a hearty welcome from deep in the heart of Texas. I saw a sight the other evening I thought pretty funny. We were with some friends and some of the kids were in their pool but the water was just too hot. The fellow we were visiting left and went and fetched some bags of ice. They have one of those ice machines. And he dumped the ice into the pool to cool it off enough for the kids to enjoy. What do you think about that? I also received an important email from a fortune telling psychic. The subject said they predicted that I would call them. They were wrong. I would have had more respect for them if the subject had said I predict you will see this, think it's the garbage that it is, and that you will immediately delete it from your Spam folder. Now had they said that instead of the other I would have maybe given them the benefit of the doubt. It's like that old joke. When the fellow called the physic hotline he lost faith because they asked him who was calling. Shouldn't they have known that? Or another one that talks about how that if psychics were for real why don't they all retire after winning the lottery since they should know the winning numbers. Right? I'm not a psychic or the offspring of any that I know of but I can assure you of this, it is going to be another hot day today. How do I know this? I am somewhat of a student of history and this is Texas and it is August. In addition to this, the weather folks have images of exploding thermometers on their prediction map. Even I can pick up on that as a clue.

Today is trash pickup day at our home place. As I was putting everything out I couldn't help but do a little happy dance for the much needed on and off again showers we had late yesterday afternoon and during the overnight. What a blessing! Those little puddles of water scattered around were literally a sight for sore eyes. The eyes being sore from looking for a little relief. When I arrived here at the workplace which is located on a more deserted farm road, well, the rain had given the place a much needed washing. The smell of the air was refreshing and as I looked up into the sky even the stars seemed to be twinkling with excitement because they could see us better. I know. That's a reach. But, I thought a little poetic license wouldn't hurt at this juncture. I do know it's a little darker now and that tells me that while we blew the lid off the record high temperature yesterday before the rain, well, fall is on its way. It reminds me of the promises that God made to Noah about the seasons being with us until the end of time. Okay. Enjoy your brief respite because they tell us that today will be another scorcher.

I know there's price adjustments being made all the time. I heard the other day how that more people are renting now instead of buying a home, therefore, those who rent out are eating people alive with price increases. Free market I suppose. Here's one that is causing me some personal grief. I have done very well in not stopping for a good long while for one of my favorite snack foods. Fried chicken gizzards. I was out on the road this past Tuesday and I happened to be in the area where I know how good they fry them up. You can get a dozen for next to nothing. Or so I thought! When he rung up the ticket it was $4.97. What? Are they now importing chicken gizzards from the Middle East? Did they get them mixed up with a shipment of caviar? Is that ridiculous looking fellow who is playing Colonel Sanders on the commercials causing a price hike on what used to be throw away food? I can remember when they would nearly pay you to take them. Maybe they only had gourmet chicken gizzards that day. They sure were good. And, they did give me about 20 of them. They always do that. I most certainly enjoyed everything about them except for the price. I haven't found a number for the chicken gizzard price control board but when I do I will be letting them know how I feel about it. Just so you know I didn't eat all of them. That's a new wrinkle for me but I thought a little self control was in order. I do hope you will have a blessed day and that our Great God will add His blessings to it. Amen.  .....More later.

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