Thursday, January 21, 2016

“The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.” ― James Mackintosh, Scottish Judge, Politician and Historian (1765-1832)

Okay it's Thursday, January 21, 2016, and I hope you've had your first cup of coffee for the day. I like my coffee hot. I like my coffee black. I like my coffee the way I like it. Some think I like it strong but that is always in the taste of the drinker because I'm sure there are others who drink theirs a whole lot stronger than I do. I recently changed coffee. Don't fall apart on me, it's still Community but I moved from the Cafe Special, In-Between Medium and Dark to one called 100% Columbia Altura and it too is called Medium - Dark Roast. Why did I change? They put some of it on sale and I thought I would try it. It has just a smidgen of a hint of a little more bite each time you sip it, therefore, I made the change. I try to keep around 100 of the little individual k-cups on hand just in case. (You know, as in cases of k-cups.)  I like the fact that when I make that first cup at home before I leave for work I can feel that first sip in my shoulders. They twitch a little. Not to worry. It's a good twitch. I'm often reminded of a black fellow I used to work with at the big company many years ago. When someone would ask him if he wanted them to bring him a cup of coffee he would say yes. They would then ask how he wanted it to which he always replied, "Just like my lady friends, hot, black, and sweet." Since I've had the same sweet lady friend into our 52nd year I'll just order my coffee hot and black. Thank you very much.

Some of you may not have noticed that last Monday was designated as Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. You didn't even know about it? Lucky you. This is a fairly new thing started in 2005 by a travel company who claimed to back it up with a mathematical formula. Scientists who have evaluated the formula pretty much have deemed it to be nonsense. However, it has caught on in some circles and I noticed that Twitter was abuzz with folks interjecting their comments about it. It doesn't take much to get Twitter all stirred up. There is also a Happiest Day of the year and it typically falls in June of each year. I suppose if Blue Monday caused one to feel sad they can always wait for June to get glad. You know. My grandfather used to tell me when I was pouting that I had the same clothes to get glad in. The true answer to experiencing a sense of well being in this life has to do with knowing the Lord God of heaven through Jesus Christ. Jesus helped frame this as He asked these questions: "For what will a man be profited, if he gains the whole world, and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matthew 16:26) Sad, happy, or any and everything in between makes these questions excellent ones for us all to think about. Amen.

I have bad news for those who appear to be addicted to posting selfies. A recent study indicated how the more selfies a person posted of themselves it is the less popular they become. Yikes. That more or less defeats the purpose. I know. I've posted more than a few of myself. But, that's different. I felt the sting of someone's response out there. I think I may have even detected a smirk. That 'different' explanation typically is just a cover up? Let me explain. Different because I'm not attempting to be popular and based on the number of Santa selfies I've shared, he, not me, is typically the one garnering any attention. I see mostly young ladies who tend to post these individual photos more than others. And, at least from what I see there's not that many young men posting so many of themselves. (I'm sure some do.) If those posting happen to be in my family I love seeing them but I'm pretty sure I am not their target audience. Maybe deep down inside we all are in search of our few moments in the limelight. Maybe that study will provide some motivation in reigning in what appears for some to be an out of control habit. As most of you know my 91 year old mom is dealing with a serious loss of her ability to see and especially to see well enough to read. She loves Facebook because she can keep up with family but she has to now use a handheld lighted magnifying glass to read the text. I told her when she gets to where she can't read we will just turn off the computer and she will be back to where she was before she started reading Facebook. She said, "Oh no!" "I enjoy it so much." I'm glad she does. We recently watched a documentary about the 60th Diamond Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth. Her son, Prince Charles, introduced her at one of celebrations. In acknowledging her he dutifully said her royal highness. He then took a long pause and added, "also Mummy". (That's the Brit's way of saying Mommy.) When he uttered that as a way of recognizing his mom it brought the house down. I could identify with that sentiment as it relates to my own mother. I may have taken a selfie or two with her and just so you know I don't apologize for doing so. Take care and may God bless each one. Amen. ....More later.

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