Monday, April 24, 2017

Belated: Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary to our Baby and his Wife!

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary to Rodney and Mitzi.
I suppose it's okay to admit that I occasionally miss something. That's not easy for me to admit since I pride myself on keeping up with important items. Today is Tuesday, April 25, 2017, and I'm still trying to figure out how this one slipped up on me. This past Sunday, the wife's birthday, was also our youngest son and his wife's anniversary. They celebrated 18 years as husband and wife. We should know. We were there. We flew out to Vegas and witnessed their ceremony at the Elvis Chapel. We are thankful for our Rodney and Mitzi and their beautiful family. I always do my best to copy all the special occasions over to my new calendar each year. Guess what? That didn't happen this time for that particular date. Rodney told me it wasn't a big deal. Maybe not. But, it is to me. Maybe I got so wound up on trying to make sure everything went okay for the wife's 70th. Maybe it was just an old fashioned oversight. Maybe. Let's hope it's not a sign of things to come. At any rate, we offer congratulations and a prayer that God will continue to bless. Amen.

Click on the link to hear a YouTube recording of the Quebe Sisters that we went to see the other evening. We love harmony singing and these ladies are great. The wife grew up in a musical family, therefore, sibling harmony is something she is very familiar with. In addition to their singing, all three have won individual fiddling championships over the years. Some may not like the style, but, if folks can't see the talent and versatility of these performers, well, I don't think I can help them. During the concert, the fellow sitting next to me, probably in his early 30's, said he could listen to their music 24 hours a day. I think he had taken in about five mixed drinks at that point and I couldn't help but wonder if he could stay awake to hear that much music. I was hoping he wasn't the driver for the foursome he was with. Practically speaking, I would doubt they have 24 hours of different songs, and for me, well, I like all kinds of music, so, as much as I enjoy hearing them I couldn't agree with him on that one.

I understand about how that some musical presentations are not everyone's cup of tea. That cup of tea idiom actually began in Britain in the 1800's with the positive affirmation, that's my cup of tea and it began to be used to indicate something well liked. In the 1920's the 'not' word was added to describe, well, I think you know the punchline here, something that is not liked. I'm actually not too fond of chants. The Gregorian style. Those chants may mean something to somebody, but not me. I can add Rap to my list of please don't waste my time. Hard Rock. At the same time, the folks who like what they like might stop up their ears if they hear what I am listening to. I'm not completely sure how musical tastes are developed and cultivated but typically we are aware that age is a part of the equation. Not always but we do know it plays a big part. It has something to do with how we identify with particular lyrics, the music itself, and those performing. I guess we just have to live with our differences. You can say banana or tomato any way you choose. I'll still eat both of them. Meanwhile, let me summarize: If you can't see the talent and versatility of those three ladies, regardless of what kind of music you like, well, I still think your situation is beyond help. Just me. Take care. Enjoy. And, may God bless us all is my prayer. Amen ....More later.

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