Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rumor has it that the new Miami baseball team will be called “Humidity” so that fans in Florida will be able to say, “It’s not the Heat that’s so bad, it’s the Humidity.” (copied)

It's Wednesday, September 16, 2015. What did I tell you? Sometimes people have trouble hearing the voice of experience. You may have noticed that we are back into the humidity and heat. You know the humidity is heavy when your eyes fog up from the inside out. It was good while it lasted but here we are again. All heated up and headed for October. But, we know that's how it works. I can remember many Christmas day celebrations done in short sleeves. Very warm. I can also remember a couple where everything was completely frozen. Our pine trees were doing their impression of the Little Drummer Boy as their huge frozen limbs turned loose and hit the ground. You just never know. The other day as we anticipated this first mere mention of slightly cooler weather my eldest son informed me they were beginning to slip slide around on the forecast. Upping the numbers. Really? Surprise, surprise! What about all that teasing they did? You know what I am talking about. "Stay tuned, when we return we will be talking about whether you will need a sweater in the morning. Don't miss this forecast." Yes. We are into conspiracy theories when it comes to weather prognostication. It is a gimmick that is used to sell commercials on TV. They play around with the wording. They give that smirky little raised eyebrow look like they know something that you must know if you are to survive. Upping the numbers. Almost any of us can typically get yesterday's temperatures correct. Hillary believed in the vast right wing conspiracy. We are more focused on the Weather Forecasting Deception conspiracy. (Can't be sure but Al Roker may be their leader.) But, keep that to yourself. They may be watching.

Dan Rather, weather coverage, Hurricane Carla, 1961
That was a joke so don't write and tell me you have a meteorologist in your family whose feelings might be hurt. Be sure and tell them not to search my blogs because they may need some therapy after reading all that I have had to say about their profession. Just kidding. We all know they provide us with a valuable service. You've seen them holding onto a small tree in the middle of a hurricane while giving a firsthand account as to what is going on. They could have shot that from the building behind them or the remote truck they rode in, but, here they are, risking themselves to give everyone a close up view of exactly what is going on. I do believe that's how Dan Rather got his start. Hurricane Carla. He was a little known newsman reporting live from Galveston. His coverage brought him to the attention of the major networks. Maybe that weather forecasting stuff rubbed off on him when it comes to being truthful. That's not a shot. I think that is a part of his record. Right? Oh yeah. Robert Redford has made a movie about Dan. It must be really moving since I read that Dan cried when he went to see it. Maybe it was so realistic he thought it was real. Knowing the inclination of those involved it most likely is one of those historical revisionist pieces. Let me see. Would I be interested in seeing a movie attempting to restore the credibility of Dan Rather? No thank you. (Remember, it all started for him with a weather report. See what I mean?)

Many of you know that if I had a life verse, and I'm not sure I do, it would be from the 119th Division of the Psalms from what is designated as verse 105: "Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path." I thought about this since it has gotten dark in the mornings here. During the summer I've not needed my trusty little flashlight to get all our shop buildings opened up. Now that it is dark it's an absolute necessity. Period. I finally put new batteries in. The old ones were used up and it was flickering off and on. I had trouble finding my way around in the dark. This reminded me of how some scholars describe that verse. They see it as a shepherd coming down the side of a treacherous hill where they use their oil lamp to show the way for them and their sheep who follow. They also tell us that shepherds would tie a lamp onto their leg to give them additional light. One light for the direction and another for the next step. I know I've shared that before but my little flashlight always serves as a visual aid in reminding me of my need to have the light of His word in my life. It will give us step by step guidance as well as helping to keep us going in the right direction. Okay. I think that will do it for this day. Take care now. You hear? May God add His blessings to our day. Amen. .....More later.

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