Thursday, September 24, 2015

Random search or God arranged opportunity. I report, you decide.

Okay. It is Thursday, September 24, 2015 and I do want each one to know that we all have something to be thankful for today. Amen. Most of you know that I have been at this blogging business for a while. I don't do any advertising but because of the way search engines work I do get folks who land on my pages. They may not stay but they do come in contact with my stuff. I have recently passed the 150,000 page view threshold. That's not so many compared to those who devotedly follow some celebrity but it is a pretty good number for a shade-tree scribe who pumps out a little essay each Monday through Friday. The blog I wrote back in January of 2011 continues to lead the pack with more than 3300 hits. In it I talked mostly about the Baby Boomers. Obviously, a lot of folks would be searching for information on that topic. I was glad to see that I did mention several things about the Lord in that blog. The next in terms of volume was published in June of 2010 with nearly 1800 hits. In it I talked a lot about the Word of God and how little that people know about its actual contents. My lead in used that phrase from the Flintstones Cartoon where Ralph exclaims "Yabba Dabba Doo!" My point was the joke preachers tell about this being a quote that Adam uttered the first time he saw Eve. It's a funny little joke but sadly many remember something like it as opposed to the life changing truths found in the Bible. The last I will share today was penned and published in July of 2010. (There were actually 4 more from 2010 in the top 10. That must have been a really good year for me. Go figure.) It had a little more than 1700 hits and it was one where I focused on the growth of our run away government. That subject is one that many people think about. Here's a quote from that particular blog: "Do remember that God is not surprised by any of the things I have spoken about and He is still ruling and reigning, therefore, we can trust in Him! Amen." I hope they caught that encouragement.

It just goes to show us all that we can do something as unassuming as posting a daily blog but it can still be an opportunity to share the Lord's message of hope and change with others. Am I saying someone has been saved as a result of my blogs? Maybe. Maybe not. But I have received many comments over the years from all over the world from people who were encouraged by a verse or a mention of our Great God. The results of those who hear the truth from whatever means they hear it, even if they see it on Facebook or in a personal blog, well, it's a matter between that individual and the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that He will take those truths and speak to the hearts of all those who come in contact with them. Amen. I actually hadn't looked at the details in these historical stats in a long time, therefore, I was not aware of the 2010 representation. I'm glad those were blogs that resonated in one way or another but it might also indicate that I have been going downhill from there. Just kidding. The captured search arguments give some insight into how people end up on my blog. Here's what they were searching for: Apostle Paul (393 times); family love (392); Christmas music (387); yabba dabba doo (380); remote control (292); Jeff Gordon (236); happy birthday God bless you (213); old people jokes (193); mom and dad (190); chicken gizzard (129).

I was sure glad to see that someone somewhere still cares enough about chicken gizzards to look them up on the web. I do love me some fried chicken gizzards. Occasionally. In moderation. Of course. I've written six blogs over the years where chicken gizzards were featured. In their searching they could have landed on any of them or maybe even all of them. Here's the title from two: "I could go on and on about the greatness of gizzards!"; "Dreaming about fried chicken gizzards."; the other four were paragraphs within blogs where I mentioned the culinary delight. Here's a little quote from one of those references, this one from March of 2010. (2010 again?) Take gizzards for instance. I know they are bad for me. They are loaded up with cholesterol, the really bad kind. When deep fried, which of course is how I really love them, they tend to elevate my blood glucose target. Yet, there comes a time in every man's life when the only thing that will satisfy that gnawing hunger is a fresh dozen gizzards, smathered all up with the dredge and the drench of the batter and coating, and then fried to a golden brown. The other day I was driving along minding my own business and I saw the sign for a Church's Fried Chicken joint. The truck swerved itself into the parking lot and before I knew what was happening the fellow was telling me it only takes 4 minutes for them to crank out a dozen of those delicious innard parts. It had been a while and I paid close attention to the lady getting them ready for the boiling grease. Meanwhile, a country song was blaring in the background. Country songs tell it like it is but I can't remember hearing this one as the lady mournfully moaned: "Did I shave my legs for this?" Thanks to all my gizzard loving readers wherever you happen to be. I do end with a prayer that God will watch over and keep us all. Amen.   .....More later.

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