Friday, July 22, 2011

Well, this is it, sort of, but only for a little while.

Come on down. It's Friday, July 22, 2011, and we are ready to get on with it! Right? Maybe? You will think about it? Okay then. I will think about it also. I read an interesting article on the BBC News website the other day. It was a list of the 50 most annoying Americanisms that have crept into proper British English usage. Did this ever stir the pot. Nearly 1300 comments mostly declaring even more sins coming from the New World. However, many took up for us over here by pointing out the origin of many of the sayings that were driving them crazy was much closer to home, like in a region of their very own country, many in use long before we won our independence. I think what bothered them the most was the fact that many of them found themselves using our words without even thinking about it and that's what really irritates them. Like one fellow who was so angry because he actually called it a shopping cart instead of a shopping trolley, and felt horrible about it. Some of it was very nit picky, like getting all worked up over calling it take out instead of takeaway. They don't like price hike because it would make the one increasing the price a hiker, and it goes on, and on, and on. They were right on with some of their critical comments, especially those who over use some particular slang, like saying, "My bad.", every few minutes, and I agree wholeheartedly with the complaint against those who say they are Scotch-Irish. We visited Scotland a few years ago and we do have Scot's blood in our family lineage, not Scotch which is something they are famous for that they tend to drink.

It can be a challenge maintaining your cool sometimes. I'm not talking about the weather but that would be an affirmative need here in this area due to the continuing heat wave. I am referring to the folks who continue to call your number even after you tell them you don't know the person they are looking for and the number they have called has nothing to do with that person. One lady in particular just knocks me down. She calls with this cheery voice like I haven't just talked to her earlier in the week. I looked up the 800 number on the web and it does belong to a credit collection agency. What makes me even angrier is that they are calling my cell phone. This last time I reminded her that I had just spoken to her and told her I didn't know a Leroy and this wasn't his number and to my knowledge has never been his number. She told me she would have to do something about getting this removed from their records but then she asked me a most infuriating question about whether I could tell her how to reach this individual. Have you ever seen one of those cartoon characters when they get ready to explode? I did not swear but I did, in the most forceful voice I could conjure up, make it clear that she had better understand that my number was never to be called again regarding this matter. For those of you out there who never let little things like this bother you, I say, God bless you because I could use a little help now and then, and if you happen to see Leroy, you might tell him there are some folks trying to reach him.

A lady I went to school with for about ten years recently put up a photo on Facebook of our 4th grade class. This was taken most likely in September of 1954, just a handful of months after my dad passed away and we had moved to a rural Louisiana town. I counted 34 students in that photo and it is really interesting to remember many of those faces. The lady had written names on the ones she recognized but I didn't need names on a number of them because they were my buddies and we spent a lot of time together, both at school and away from school. I am the little tyke with my hands clasped together and wearing the big smile in the cowboy shirt, and yes, that shot does show off my radar ears that are more or less a trademark for me. (You know them from the story, the better to hear you my child.) Click on the photo for an enlarged view. You might also notice that my mom had sewed patches on the knees of my jeans. That's how they tried to make things last back in those days. I most likely wasn't clued in enough to be embarrassed about them. Some of those in the photo have gone on to their reward. Some are still living right there in the same little town where we grew up. A few are on Facebook and we occasionally exchange comments. My wife and I were looking at the picture and she noticed that two of the boys were barefooted. That would have been appropriate back in the day, weather permitting, of course. Memories. They generate all kinds of thoughts and feelings, but for me, I am reminded how that God has somehow made a way for me, all of these years, and I thank Him for His provision. I do wish I knew what I was smiling about in that picture. It almost looks natural. I'll do some studying on that one and get back to you later. Have a great Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday and Lord willing I'll see you here at the ole blogger corral next time. May God bless one and all. Amen.       ......More later.

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