Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Lonesome for my baby."

Record released in 1951.
It is Thursday, July 7, 2011, and my favorite day of this week since my sweetheart is coming home today! I do want to send out a thank you to those who have been concerned about me being all alone. I can't be sure why folks would be concerned. There are some who probably are just showing some sympathy for my plight. Others who know me better might be thinking that if he is out of control when she is here, what in the world will happen while she is gone? Last time I got on the scales I hadn't lost any weight so that's a sign, maybe not a good one, but it is a sign. Now as to what I have been snacking on, well, that would be a different matter, and only my glucose meter and myself knows the answer to that question. I will only go as far as to say a little more discipline is called for. With the house all empty and such, I will admit that it is quieter and truth be told, when you've been attached for nearly 47 years, well, you just do better when she's there. I even miss the occasional static that flows forth and back from time to time. On second thought, let me think more about that one. Check back with me in a few days and I'll let you know my conclusion. Joking only. I am glad to report there's not that much static and when it does show up, it can, at times, surprise us both. Maybe we won't be surprising each other any time soon. But it will be good to get everything back into its proper place.

Okay. You may not know who but the scientists are saying the first person who will live to be 150 is already alive. I have not received any correspondence indicating that I am in the running. I wonder why? I am not fretting one bit because 150 is hard to even imagine. If everyone in a family followed that trend they would have to give some kind of discount down at the social security office. A family plan of sorts. Granny, the children, the grands, the great grands, the great great grands, they all could go and apply together. If that trend continues, it will become a crowded place in this old world. I did meet a lady last week who is 97 and let me tell you, she was a character. Spry, animated, excited, with a demonstrated zest for life. She acted at least 65. Hey wait a minute. That's about my age and she may have come across much more active than me. When will people learn to act their age? I think I heard that when I was a kid, more than once, in fact. Maybe she didn't. But, she was wonderful to behold because her deal was to bring a ray of sunshine to everyone she greeted. I say God bless her and may God be thanked for her spirit of joy. That means I have 32 more years before I begin acting like that. What's that you say? If she had waited that long she probably wouldn't have made it to 97. Point well taken.

Have you ever wondered why more people are not attacked at the register in the checkout line? Me too. I ran by the store the other day to pick up a few items and grabbed them and got in line. A lady and her three children were checking out their items. Each child had their own thing they had purchased. The lady had one of those voices that could set off a fire alarm system at any second. Shrill and loud. The kids had their own money. Problem. They did not have enough money. The mom's solution was to raise her voice a few notches and tell each child and everyone else why it's important to know the price and how much you have BEFORE you choose something to buy. I would have left but there were already folks in line behind me. This went on for a while. The kids were upset. The mom was loud and simply put, obnoxious. The young lady at the check out stand finally got them finished even though she had to keep several of the items they didn't have enough money to pay for. She looked at me and said, "Well, I suppose that was rather painless." My reply, "It certainly was not painless to watch." By the looks on the faces of those waiting behind me, it would not have been a good time to announce that I had left my wallet in the car. Yes, I know. It is a part of the fabric of life and I suppose that's why they invented aspirin. Have a good rest of the day and may God help that lady and her children. Amen.             .......More later.

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