Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The playwright Aeschylus, in Seven Against Thebes, 467 B.C., wrote: "Let women stay at home and hold their peace."

So many folks long for things to be like they were 'way back when'. I'm not so sure they really mean that except perhaps on a very selective basis. I heard a bubbling sound and this is what percolated to the top to get us started on this Tuesday, December 20, 2016. Just look at that ad. Those were the days my friend, those were the days. Practical. You just have to know that every little homemaker would love to have some new Pyrex oven ware. Right? I can actually remember back when I did buy my wife those kinds of gifts. I'm not sure when it faded but somewhere along the way they reversed course on us. It became no longer a personal or respectful gift if it is used as part of her chores. That had to have come from one of those foreign countries attempting to destroy our domestic tranquility. How about a set of brand new scrubbing brushes? Or, a brand new mop and bucket? Yep. Folks like to dream how it used to be, but, they would not want to return to some of the major features of the culture back in the day. I know my wife was gracious even when she got a new vacuum cleaner. Those units back then, the good ones, they could actually pick up a bowling ball. Pretty spiffy. Right? It wasn't long after seeing that bowling ball demonstration that got me to thinking about the fact that we didn't even own any bowling balls and really never would have imagined using a vacuum cleaner to pick them up. I'm very glad that many practices from the past are behind us, although there are many that we should have kept. (I'll save a discussion of that for another day.) Here's a cautionary note: If you were able to find a brand new unused set of those same Pyrex bowls today, you can be certain that you will be paying more than $4.90 for them. Just so you know.

HEB gave us a cake this past Sunday to recognize our 52nd wedding anniversary.
They tell us that based on demographics, Houston is the most diverse city in America. I can only say this about that. We live in a thriving suburb north of Houston but in my role as Santa, I can tell you that we in this area reflect every nationality on the face of the earth. Most of the cultures recognize and embrace Santa Claus. I very much appreciate that I am playing a character. I have no misgivings about that. Yet, it's somewhat mind-boggling to me to know that instantaneously taken photos of myself with kids of all colors, shapes, and sizes are being sent literally around the world. One American married to a French lady had their little guy and they thought they would at least give a photo with Santa a shot. Turns out, he loved Santa. It happens that way sometimes. They must have snapped a dozen or more photos. They could not believe it. The lady was nearly in tears. I told the husband that he was going to be able to make the grandparents proud. He said I didn't know the half of it. I couldn't help but think about the lady's parents in France. I can only imagine how they felt when they received those photos. This is why we like to think of ourselves as being in the joy delivery business. Oh yeah. Just so you know, sitting in that chair for hours handling these wonderful children, well, it is draining and it will literally knock the daylights out of you. Just ask my recliner at home.

It's good to know that, as of yesterday, we now have a duly elected new President, based on the way our elections are held according to our constitution and laws. Most of us by nature are not good losers. That's how we are put together. However, it does make a difference how far one is willing to go to discredit the election process. For those who supposedly cared so deeply about maintaining respect for how elections are conducted, before the votes were cast, they now are doing just about everything they can to undermine any confidence in the results. Let me rephrase that, everything and anything. What changed their minds on this subject? Simply put, they lost. I don't have a problem finding out what the Russians may or may not have done. However one looks at it, the veracity of those hurtful emails has never been challenged. Plenty of dirt was spread about Trump and his business dealings, personal life, and I think in his case, it included the proverbial kitchen sink. She lost. He won. Time to move on. I know that's easy for me to say but I do hope that for the well being of our nation that folks will get on with the job at hand. I think you've heard it before, the job of making America great again. Whatever our political persuasion, we can always know that God is Sovereign and He is in ultimate control. Amen. ....More later.

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