Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm trying to get my internal clock to get reacquainted with my routine. He is still a little testy from me having jerked him around.

My mom continues to recover and she is making good progress. She may go home today. Thanks to all of you who have thought about and prayed for her. Hello Friday, it is so good to see you, I do wish you had brought a little rain with you, but the Lord knows our situation, and as I was reminded the other evening in our Wednesday prayer meeting time, it doesn't take long watching the news out of places like Somalia, to know that even with all our troubles, we are blessed beyond measure, and that's something to mediate upon as we seek to get our day started here on the 12th day of August, 2011. I'm still trying to catch up with myself after that wonderful adventure over to Louisiana on Wednesday. Turn around trips can be tough but when I think about how mom and dad did it so many times when my brother Donald was ailing, it does two things. First, it causes me to be knocked down by their perseverance, stamina, and by the way that God has allowed them to keep on keeping on. Secondly, it gives me a good insight into where I fit on that 'keeping on' grid and I'm not ashamed to say they are a hard act to follow. I did get back from being there with mom in time for our Wednesday service. My wife reminded me that no one would think anything less if I cancelled the service due to my schedule, however, I wanted to be there, to exchange prayer requests, and to share truth, one with another. I may still be dragging a little from that car ride, but my spirit has been refreshed by the love and care shown by others. Thanks to my little class for being there for our family and for just being there, period. You all are a blessing to so many! Amen.

We all are collectively hurt over the deaths of so many of our finest warriors last weekend in that shoot down of the helicopter. I do hope there will be an investigation as to whether the enemy knew that some of our most elite special operations troops were on that plane. One of the things that concerned many security experts when Bin Laden was taken out was the amount of information this administration chose to share about that operation and those on our side who were involved. The secretive component of how these special operations function is huge in terms of their effectiveness and some experts believed back when this all happened that their cover was blown by a President who was looking for some traction in the polls. I am not saying that was the reason because I do not know but if anyone revealed information for political purposes that compromised the effectiveness of our covert operatives, then that, in my opinion, is unconscionable, and it should not go unpunished. I know some legitimate experts are connecting these dots and I will say that I can think of nothing more insidious than politicians of any stripe that seek gain from the exploits of our bravest and in so doing they cause harm to those who wear the uniform of our nation. The very thought makes my blood boil!

Quite a week, but then again, most of them are, for nearly every person, just in different ways. That is something that we all need to remember. Most folks are pretty much alike. I'm not saying that we don't have differences in our heritage, our skin color, our economic and social circles, our religion, or any variety of other distinctions. However, we do, at the basic level, function as part of the same family, the human family. This means that pain is experienced the same regardless of where you happen to live. Seeing those heartbroken moms holding their malnourished children reminds us that the love of a mother for their child is universal. We are that way because we are the creation of Almighty God. Many folks may not accept that but one thing we learn about God's word on any subject, people's embracing of it one way or the other, does not change the truth. And, as I am often prone to say, it is not proper to say, God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Why? Because it just so happens to be this way: God said it, that settles it. Whether you, I, or anyone else believes it or not. I heard Jane Fonda explaining what it meant for her to become a Christian. She said she does not accept the born again label because it is associated with a type of fundamentalism that she detests. She can detest what she wants to detest but Jesus told Nicodemus that unless one is born again they cannot see the kingdom of God. (Gospel of John, Chapter 3) See what I mean? I'm not saying she isn't saved but rejecting the truth of the new birth because you don't like those who teach it, well, that could be dangerous. Not only for Jane, but for you, I, and for everyone. I suppose that's enough for one week and I bid you a most wonderful Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday, and may God add His blessings to us all! Amen. ....More later.

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