Thursday, June 30, 2011

Think about it: You are the only version of you that exists, or something like that.

Good morning friends and neighbors, welcome to this week's version of Thursday, on this, the last day, the 30th of June, 2011. This means I will need to adjust my wrist watch. It's a great watch that was given to me by my eldest son. It has that stem adjustment to get the calendar correct. I don't use the calendar on the watch but it bugs me to know that it is wrong and since it isn't electronic, it will think tomorrow is the 31st instead of the 1st. Yes. I do know that a stopped clock is right at least twice a day but in this case, even though I don't use the calendar, it does bother me to know that I am wearing a watch with the wrong date indicated. I would agree there are much more pressing things in life and much more weightier matters to be concerned about. That's at least one of the reasons I've never wished being me on anyone else. Unique. We all are. Last Tuesday I was in the lab office for my six month blood draw and there's always interesting folks wherever there is a waiting room. I came back to work with some thoughts about the folks sitting in that room but then reality did a number on me. As I was thinking about those funny folks I passed by a mirror and the thought came to me that those who were sitting in that room are somewhere at that very moment telling someone about that funny looking man they saw, and that would be, none other than me! See what I mean? We all are each other's material for story time. That's pretty neat when you think about it. You will have to get back to me on that one? Come to think about it, I will too.

Since you insist, I will tell you about one lady. She was maybe in her early 40's. She was wearing a brand new jogging outfit and brand new fancy running shoes. She may have run up the stairs instead of taking the elevator because she did seem a little out of breath. Let's see if we can decode her situation. She likely had been feeling a little lethargic and had recently visited her doctor who told her she needed to become more active, and that she could do with losing a few of those extra pounds. As a follow up, the doctor had ordered a series of tests and she was there that day to do her blood work. In the meantime, she had done a lot of Googling to find out the best jogging gear for today's active middle aged person and that's why she was sporting that brand new gear. I could tell she was real proud of it too. Sometimes just getting ready to get ready will do a body good. Know what I mean? The question remains how worn that outfit will become over the next weeks and months. I could have told her to wash it all several times a week and that would give the look of her being active, especially if she is like most of us, and maybe not really as serious as she should be about the actual doing of it. If buying all of that new stuff put a spark in her step, just think what it will do for her when it actually looks like it has been used.

Please know that I was not in any way criticizing that lady. I only gave that bit of insight because I didn't take anything with me to read. That story may not even be close to what she is dealing with. I do know first hand the part about how the mind is willing but the body does not always show up for duty. I've had these brilliant thoughts about hurrying home after a twelve hour work day and getting busy on a list of things I want to get accomplished. I was filled up with excited motivation as I left the workplace. Once home, I had a bite to eat, and then I would sit down to watch some news. We all need to be informed. We especially need to stay up to date on the weather that hasn't changed in weeks. Right? Pretty soon I made the decision to lean back in that recliner because it is only appropriate to get in a small amount of relaxation while taking in the news woes of the day. Right? About 90 minutes later I awakened and discovered that my productivity dreams and aspirations had gone to that place never to be seen again, that is, at least until the next time. Right? The only advantage I have over that lady is that I've been around long enough to not buy the outfit first. I would want to see which one wins. I would need to know if it's the jogging or the recliner before I invested in that type of proposition. That should be enough foolishness to last us all for at least one day. Until next time, "happy trails to one and all" and may God bless each one. Amen.          ......More later.

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