Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God is always faithful and that's something we can always count on!

Happy 25th to our children!
Good Tuesday morning. It is June 21, 2011 and God has been good to continue His faithfulness during times when we need a special touch. I first want to recognize our son Chris and his wife Sherrie. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday. What a blessing! We are thankful for this accomplishment in their life as they continue to influence their family for the Lord. Congratulations and may God continue to watch over them is our prayer. We would typically have done something special but this event, and even father's day, had to be temporarily postponed due to my brother's passing. I will be going over to Louisiana this afternoon to be with my mom and to finish the details for the service on Wednesday morning. It will be a family service and I will be doing my best to handle the eulogy, therefore, we all appreciate your continued prayers. Yesterday was one of those melt down days in spending literally hours on the phone coordinating between the two funeral homes and in taking care of family details. Thankfully, we have my sister, JoAnn, who is retired after 25 years in the funeral business, and she has been able to provide not only much in the way of planning support but her former employer has provided all these services at a very nominal cost out of respect for her, and respect for my brother's years of military service. We don't take these things for granted. God is good and we give Him the praise and honor for it all. Have a good day and may God bless as we also seek a little rain here in our area. Amen.              ......More later.

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