Monday, June 27, 2011

Home is where your heart is!

Welcome back to another work week as we attempt to get everything up and going on this Monday, June 27, 2011. We came home last week from mom and dad's with a sack of homegrown tomatoes. These tomatoes were loaded up with flavor and filled to the brim to overflowing with juice. The insides literally explode when you bite into them and stuff pretty much goes everywhere, but not to worry, we've been there and done that, and we have our towel ready. Not like anything we can buy around here. Not even like they sell at the so called farmers market. My wife bought some of the homegrown variety a few weeks ago. My foot! Take one bite and what do you think of? Kroger! I get it. They put them out there, charge a buck more per pound, and you end up bringing home the same tomatoes that you already know don't have a clue. But, my how we enjoyed those tomatoes. A couple of years ago mom and dad had given me a sack to bring home and I carefully placed them behind the drivers seat on the floor. I tend to get a little drowsy on that long drive home, so I reached back there and grabbed one of those succulent beauties and got hold of some napkins and I pretty much chowed down on that buddy. It worked so well I got me another one, then that led to the next one. Knowing how much my wife loves those tomatoes was all that kept me from turning that bag of twenty into zero. I think I may have delivered a half dozen and I'm not sure I ever gave the complete tally. Because why? Friends do not let their drowsy loved ones drive without some vine ripened tomatoes to help keep them awake. Never heard that public service announcement? You do need to get out more. What do they really taste like? They taste like home. That's right. Home sweet home. Amen.

My wife's folks were also vegetable garden growers. When we would visit we would leave their place with sacks of stuff and coolers filled with peas, okra, beans, and different greens. I know they say that it has to be good if you carry a name like Smuckers, but folks, not any that I have ever had of store bought brands can stay in the same room with some of the homemade jams, jellies, and preserves we used to eat. Bust open one of those huge cat head biscuits made in an iron skillet, load it up with butter, (real if you have it), or cow oleo as my sister called it when she visited some of our kin who churned their own, then take some of those pear preserves and fill that buddy up. Now you know what starting a day was like when I was a kid. But that was in many ways a very long time ago. It was way before that blood glucose meter entered into the picture and spit out numbers that can make or ruin your day. I now enjoy those same tastes but more on a sampling basis. Nothing like it. My mom also gave us a mess of purple hull peas already cooked to bring home. I know how my wife thinks. We do have some peas, okra, fried green tomatoes, and homemade cornbread coming to our dinner table soon. I love it when folks turn up their noses when I mention a menu like this. Get this: they actually think the fact they have home style written on the side of a take out bag is something to be proud of. They do deserve our sympathy. And, I would give them some of mine but at the moment I'm too busy dreaming about those fried green tomatoes. Yum yum!

Okay. We've all had enough teasing of our palates for one day. But it is true that we associate things like food with home. Granny's cooking. Mom's cooking. My brother Donald always perked up a little when I talked to him about the little rural town where we grew up. Why? It represented home to him. It certainly doesn't represent much at all to the masses but to those who grew up there and lived in what someone last week called "our Mayberry", it was something to feel good about. I feel that way about it also. But there's a home awaiting believers that is even more special than we can grasp or imagine. And, while I get homesick for that little place over in Louisiana, I am so looking forward to going to my real home where I will be with my Lord. A proper understanding of our heavenly destination gives us a great foundation for living out the life God gives to us here. How? Knowing that we are certain to go there means that He certainly has us here for a reason. The Apostle Paul said that if he had his own way, it would be an easy decision, he would go home to be with Jesus! However, he also added that he knew God had some more work for him to do and it would be in God's own timing to determine his home going day. (Philippians Chapter 1) What does eating have to do with this? Well, back in Paul's day, there were some who decided they would just quit working and sit down and wait for Jesus to return. Paul had a word for them. That's not God's plan and purpose, therefore, if you don't work, you don't eat. (2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 3) They no doubt got to thinking about doing without those big old fluffy homemade biscuits and that immediately got them up and off their rear ends and moving out to the workplace. Or something like that. See you next time and may God bless. Amen.          .......More later.

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