Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" ~ Audrey Hepburn

Well, well, how in the world are you doing today? Welcome once again as we hook back up for the midweek episode of this long-running (and long winded) serial which has been broadcasting since the summer of 2007. Here's the scary part. I'm sitting here on this Wednesday, July 20, 2016, and I honestly do not have a clue as to what the next keystrokes will reflect. Most of the time I have something in mind. Most. It's not so much writer's block as it is just not knowing what subjects to put in play. Okay. Maybe it is even worse because I really don't have any subjects in mind. But I am throwing down these opening sentences while I am waiting to see what might appear. I have a library with nearly 70 years of stored accumulated knowledge. I hope I didn't show up today only to find that all the books are already checked out. I hear a chant building. I hear what they are saying. "Why would you let a little thing like having nothing to write about hold you back, it hasn't in the past?" While that may be factual, it's certainly not the encouragement I need for today. I did think about my mom and dad and how they are hosting some of dad's kinfolks from California this week. What's the big deal? Mom is 92 and dad is 86 and yet they are still able to provide for guests in their home. They have been busy getting everything ready. They have meals planned and trips and family gatherings on the agenda. Okay. I don't know about you but I just thought that to be quite remarkable. A blessing for sure. But a very remarkable one. Amen.

This is not the first time I've had trouble coming up with stuff. A blast from the past: "Hello out there in Bloggerworld. Welcome once again to that place where I come each day to be surprised by what ends up on the page. You noticed? Good. You can see what I put up with each day. It is Wednesday, August 8, 2012, and I'm at it again. Sometimes one of my faithful readers will mention something I wrote and I have to do some quick mental gymnastics just to recall the subject. (Notice the Olympics theme, gymnastics. I understand that because of the non-stop coverage of the games, gym memberships are increasing along with other paid sporting venues. Mine, however, is of the cerebral variety, that is, mental.) The good news. At times I'm pretty impressed with what they understood from what I wrote. Especially if it was a particular encouragement or blessing to them. If that happens then God gets the glory for He provides for His own even through the thoughts and comments of someone like me. That doesn't mean that I claim some special spiritual insight, but anytime we inform others using God's truth, well, He has promised that His Word will work, it will accomplish what He intends, and it will not be wasted. I didn't make that up. You can check it out for yourself by reading Isaiah 55."

Wow! It seems like I wrote that just four years ago. Having read it again and used it in today's episode, I do want to again appreciate those who read what I throw onto the page each day. My wife is good to let me know each day what she thought when she read my blog. I enjoy her enjoying it. I know she likes the ones that make her laugh. Like the one the other day about her trying to help me dress better. She thought that one was funny. Whew! I was so glad to get that email from her. And, she did fix me a nice supper that evening. Maybe part of my problem has to do with the ongoing conflicts I have to deal with. I have trouble with old people driving. They worry the daylights out of me. I find myself wondering why they don't stay at home. I know. I know. That's wrong on many levels including the fact that I qualify as one of them. I can spot their slow and methodical progress from far off. The white hair sticks out like a sore thumb. Then I catch a reflection of myself in the rearview mirror. Okay. I got it. Why, then, do you suppose I get agitated when they are mucking up my ability to traverse to and from and throughout the metroplex? I don't feel any remorse whatsoever over having it in for those who text while they are driving. Those folks are moving accidents waiting to be experienced. But, old people? Me getting upset with them does bother me. Maybe I need to act my age. I'll think about that one. Pray for me. Until next time, may God bless each one. Amen. ...More later.

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