Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Sherrie!

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday, July 27, 2016. I pause to send out a birthday greeting on behalf of myself and the wife, to our daughter-in-law Sherrie. She is the bride of our eldest son Chris, and mother to three of our granddaughters and grandmother to our one great grand. We thank God for her and her testimony of working on behalf of the Kingdom. We look forward to meeting up tonight to celebrate this special occasion. Sherrie and Chris will be leaving tomorrow for a vacation in a resort in Mexico. We hope they have a wonderful time. Happy Birthday and may God bless as you continue your journey here. Amen. Our love, mom and dad.

I didn't see any of the speeches on the opening night of the Democratic Party Convention. I did read excerpts from some of them. I also read what the commentators had to say about them. Here's what seems to be out there regarding what was being said at the podium. All the mainstream media outlets are falling all over themselves in awe of the 10-minute speech by First Lady Michelle Obama. Essentially, it seems that she set the record straight. America does not need to be made great, again. America, under the leadership of her husband, is great already. Last week I saw one poll that indicated 70% of Americans think our nation is headed in the wrong direction. Those people may not agree that we are actually great at the present time. The pundits used the word 'soaring' to describe her lofty words. Contrast that to the things written about the speech given by Melania Trump last week. She was criticized. Even her compelling life story was panned. Donald Trump's children were criticized. Why? Mostly because they are connected to Donald Trump. I point out these contrasts only to remind us all that bias is not only alive and well when it comes to how things are covered by the mainstream press, but, it is thriving as they do their best to manipulate the minds of those who follow their coverage. I know that sounds strong, but, it's the way I see it. (Just so you know, according to the ruling media elites, anyone who would dare even think about seeing Ms. Obama's speech differently than the way they portrayed it, is obviously racist, period, end of story.)

Let me also make clear how the revelations of untoward dealings on the part of the Democratic National Committee does not mean the Republican Party leaders are not playing the same kind of games. We don't have their emails. Yet. We do know the 'establishment' made up of entrenched, elected officials along with their cronies, including those who call themselves conservatives, did everything they could to maintain the status quo. This means they did all they could to defeat the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. I am not a Trump supporter. But, anyone can see that both parties are completely polluted and thoroughly saturated with cronyism and corruption. I'm still thinking and praying about my upcoming vote. I have communicated with some who have made public declarations that they will not vote for Hillary or The Donald. A long term friend sent me some messages about how the Christian community rose up against him after he made clear that he could not, based on his conscience, vote for Donald Trump. He was called names. His motives were called into question. Since when is it wrong for a person of faith to exercise their vote consistent with what they believe God would have them to do? I think I am firmly in the undecided category about the upcoming election. However, I am in the completely decided category when I say both parties are corrupt. I still pray for those in office, but, I have no illusions regarding the depravity at work, no matter who gets elected. Negative? I hope not. Realistic? I hope so. Hopeful? Yes! Only because our Sovereign God reigns over all. Amen. .....More later.

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