Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Birthday to our baby boy!

Today, Friday, February 26, 2016, I pause to recognize the birthday tomorrow of our youngest, our baby, Rodney Darrell. He will be 45. Did I mention he's our baby? Time does fly by. It seems like it was only yesterday ...... I think everybody could say that. We do thank God for Rodney and for the gifts and abilities He provided to him. He has always had a larger than life personality. Even as a little kid. Over the years he has been able build on that trait and use it to engage with people and to accomplish much in his life. He has a wonderful wife, Mitzi, and three lovely children, Kyleigh in college, Lexie in High School, and Brady Darrell in elementary. He has been a blessing to us all and we pray God's continued provision in his life. Happy Birthday son, love, mom and dad.

I appreciate you not sending me any age related jokes because of how bad you feel about how old I am getting. I saw one greeting the other day that had this sentiment, "I hope that you will still be my friend even when we are too senile to remember each others names." I'm not exactly clear how that one would work but as they say, it is the thought that counts. I suppose having our boys who are now 50, 48, and 45 makes us feel much older, it's good to remember that no matter what your age happens to be, it is now the new much lower age. I have some doubts about how that calculation works but most of us blindly grab hold of it and run with it. I started to say that I hoped I would live long enough that my driving terrifies people but according to the wife I accomplished that one some time ago. One fellow said the good news about Facebook birthday greetings is how they help to interfere slightly with the avalanche of political postings that flood the page each day. Let me assure you that I consider myself to be blessed beyond measure in the family God has provided to us and the time He has given us to live and serve Him. We joke about our aches and pains as well as other age related developments but we are always thanking God for His grace, mercy, and His daily provisions to us. Amen.

We've had a pretty busy week. I say busy but I wouldn't deny that I could easily have had one of those Slow Men Working signs posted by my workstation during some of it. I do know I've massacred a whole lot of keystrokes in terms of throwing stuff out on the electronic page this week. It would likely take a whole blog to list all the subjects I've touched on. Maybe one of them spoke to someone. I know I have used quite a lot of Scriptures, therefore, God can make those apply to any and all of us as He sees fit. Maybe that's why I use them because when I do there's always hope for something productive to come out of this daily endeavor. Now it's time to move on to our Saturday and Lord's Day Sunday. I do hope you will enjoy your time and that Sunday will find us all in the place where people gather to worship and hear from God. That, along with building each other up in the faith is the reason we gather. But, most of you knew that already. Until next time, may our Great God be with us all is my prayer. Amen. ....More later.

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